Spring Into Verse Day 15 - A LIST POEM ABOUT PEAS

I actually quite like peas, but over the years I have met many kids who don't like them, so this list poem is for them. I recall those far off days when my Mum and my Nana would sit together shelling fresh peas picked directly from the garden. Now, most of us reach into the freezer at the supermarket and get our peas in a snap frozen plastic bag. Anyway, today as I reach the mid way point in my Spring Into Verse poetry challenge,  it's poetry to peas...


I don't like peas
I really don't like peas
So I always say to Mum
No peas please
And my dear Mother says to me
Give me ten reasons why I shouldn't serve you peas
Number 1. They're green.
Number 2. They're the wrong shape.
Number 3. They roll off the fork.
Number 4. They roll under the table.
Number 5. They get squashed in the carpet.
Number 6. You always make me clean up the mess.
Number 7. Even the dog refuses to eat them.
Number 8. The baby gets them stuck up his nose.
Number 9. I much prefer strawberries and cream if you really must know.
.....And the peas de resistance
Number 10. I don't actually like them very much.

Do you know what my Mum said?


Alan j Wright


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