Spring Into Verse, Day 7 - A River Poem, Spring In The Malllee

Today is voting day for Australia's Federal Election, but before I head off to vote, I want to indulge in some much needed poetry...

River Poems are a variation of 'Found poems' or 'black-out poems' (I found these poems courtesy of Austin Kleon) that I began working with many years ago. They provide a fun way to find poetry hidden within a narrative text. When working on a river poem, I try to choose a piece of text rich in description. I then begin to circle those words and phrases that appeal to my eyes and my ears. Once I place the pen on the page I try not to lift it until I have completed my investigation. I work my way down the page linking the selected phrases and individual words that catch my attention along the way.

When my journey down the page is complete, I rewrite the piece, using my selected words. At this point I make decisions regarding line length and line breaks. The finished piece hopefully looks and sounds like poetry.

It seems only appropriate that this particular River Poem concerns itself with the season of spring.



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