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The Writer at the Beach

It is the height of summer, although judging by the weather you wouldn’t know it. Still, I did get to the beach early this week. Sun screen, hat, and seated under an umbrella, but I was at the beach. I took essential summer reading, Don Watson’s ‘American Journeys’ Don travelled across much of America in the days immediately after Hurricane Katrina and documents an outsider’s observations of American society. He witnesses the terrible aftermath of the hurricane. He writes about the people he meets and tells in equal portions about the optimism, riches, failures and doubts of America. Having lived there for almost six years, I find his writing makes a strong connection with my own experiences.

In between reading and swimming I spent valuable time people watching –and listening. A beach day throws up such a rich tapestry of personality types for one to observe and fertile ideas for the writer within.
I note snatches of conversation:

Mother: Stop throwing sand!
Child: God!
Mother: I’m not Go…