Spring Into Verse Day 22 - A Poem For Storm Watchers & Spring Rain

Spring brings with it a certain volatility when it comes to the weather. This spring has been quite diverse in its appearance thus far. Four season in one day is an appropriate label for what we are currently experiencing.  The weather is something we are all good at talking about, while our impact is negligible. Today's poem seems fitting given that the last few days have delivered steady spring rain and today the sun is shining and our collective hearts are singing in praise of a sunny Sunday. 

Watching The Storm

I watch the storm clouds gather
As I sit here in my room
The sky is full of waterbags
And dark and inky gloom
I see a zap of lightning
Scratch the distant sky
And heavy droopy water droplets
Begin to change the dry
And now the storm is overhead
The thunder makes me shiver
But the flowers whisper- thankyou
For the rain the clouds deliver.

Alan j Wright


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