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A Plan For Student Writing - Don’t Over-Plan!

Over the years I have frequently reminded young writers that it helps if you know in your head where and when your story will end before you commence writing. You can stop off anywhere along the way, but at least know where you’re heading. It’s easier to map out the plot if you have a sense of direction for your writing. It represents the most basic form of planning.
Planning begins with  the rehearsal of broad ideas. Rolling words and phrases around in your head, telling your story to yourself and others assists in the formation of solid ideas. It crystallizes thought. Writers are storytellers and often tell their stories many times before they write. Young writers need to know this important fact. Talk is a powerful ally of the writer. Classrooms that foster quality conversations around writing intentions greatly assist the inexperienced writers to identify and enact writing intentions.
Planning should provide support to students with their writing.  A brief outline may help students …

Choice, Voice and Publishing With Grade 2 Writers

I have recently been involved with four teachers from CairnleaParkPrimary School  in Melbourne's west and their Grade 2 authors. The primary focus of their work had been on writing and publishing narratives.
The work has required much persistence and patience from all concerned. This project began at the commencement of term 3 and culminated early term 4 with a publishing celebration.
The relative inexperience of these student writers proved to be no impediment to their zeal,  persistence and all round ‘stickability.’ While they faced a the multitude of writing challenges, they effectively stared down those challenges as they arose.
These young writers were afforded both voice and choice in their writing. They had a strong sense of ownership over the writing task –and the task they were given was authentic. They were working towards publishing their own books in their own way. It was a chance to make a host of important decisions along the way.
 They were supported by teachers…

Poetry From The Search Zone- Searching For Hen's Teeth, The BOOK!

It's Arrived!

My latest book has just been released, and naturally I'm excited to share this anthology of poetry with you. It contains a wide assortment of poems, written across the years and includes a range of poetic forms. My target audience is kids from eight to eighty.

As the preview says:

'A collection of adventurous verse for young poetry lovers, these humorous and engaging poems exult everything from rats to rainbows. A giggle and hoot reading experience. Permission is hereby granted to smile and smirk through this extensive anthology of poems. Things never get better until they get verse!'

Searching For Hen's Teeth-poetry from the search zone is available through local bookshops, or on line through a range of outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Angus and Robertson, Fishpond and Book Depository.

It is available as a paperback or an ebook, depending on your preference.

I'm hoping it quickly finds its way to the top of the poetry 'pecki…