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Writing In The Territory

For the last two weeks I have been working with schools in Australia’s Northern Territory. I have had the pleasure of meeting enthusiastic young writers and their equally enthusiastic teachers.

 From Darwin I have been able to visit schools close to the city such as Wagaman Primary School where I worked to 23 teachers from a collection of schools. Pre-briefing sessions were followed by classroom demonstrations and then debriefings. A day of rich writing conversations.

When it comes to writer's notebooks in the classroom, teachers and kids need to reach an agreed understanding - the notebook requires regular feeding in order to remain healthy. The writer must collect a large quantity of material and it needs to be varied in nature.
From the city of Darwin I travelled east to join over four hundred young writers at Taminmin College, Humpty Do for the ‘Big Writing Day Out’ where I had the pleasure of launching their quest for writing ideas and discussing potential ideas in this large op…