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Kids,Teachers -Take Your Writer's Notebook With You!

'Writing needs to be seen as a reward, not a duty. I look forward to creating words on the page. This desire to write creates the discipline.'
Igniting Writing- When A Teacher Writes,’ Alan j Wright

When recalling these words, I find myself considering them in the context of the winter term break for Australian schools. It presents as a chance for students and teachers alike to step away from the learning that characterizes classroom time and restore themselves a little. It is time to focus on things that may have been on hold, to take a break, to visit a place or catch up with a friend. It may represent a chance to resume an on-hold project, or you may be planning to relax and indulge in some activity that feels just right. Something that literally slow the pace of your life down for a short period of time. You may go exploring or have an adventure or special trip planned to fit neatly into the break. It also represents a chance to do some reading and writing.

It present a chanc…