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Slice Of Life Tuesday- Treasure and Trash Makes A Writer Rehash

I took a Sunday drive with my wife to visit some nearby antique stores recently. We were on the hunt for some colourful glass jars. At least my wife, Vicki was.  I, on the other hand had different motivation. I was on a nostalgia kick. The curious learner in me was in search of artifacts and books from the past to jog my memory.
Going to antique stores is a bit like entering a time machine that only travels backwards. In such places the valuable and rare continue to exist alongside the everyday and seemingly worthless. Some items survive in abundance while others make fleeting appearances like endangered species.
Our scanning of these stores was leisurely and decidedly unrushed. Around each bend and corner lay discoveries connected to childhoods long gone. Memories and recollections came flooding back of collectibles and contraptions consigned to history by technological advancement.  The dust of time had settled on so many of these curiosities.
We found it easy to connect these items to…