Spring Into Verse Day 29 - Black Stone Poem

As a boy, I was always collecting things. One person's trash is another's treasure. I kept my treasures in tins, jars and boxes and periodically took them out to gaze upon them.  Some of them had functional application, but mostly they were questionable acquisitions. Elastic bands, bits of string, marbles, nuts, bolts, cards, stickers, nondescript objects and the like. A kid thing perhaps...

Black Stone
It was a smooth black stone
And I found it at Eildon

It felt cool and slippery in my hand
I held it up
Gazing at it for a time
Before placing it in my  pocket
And smiling to myself
At my find 
My new treasure
Instant pleasure

At home I kept it in a wooden box
And took it out
From time to time
Just to look at it
And feel its wonderful smoothness

Over the years that stone shrank in my hand
But continued to be there
In my moments of deep thought
Its coolness a marvel
My smooth black stone
Eventually disappeared
Without a trace
But I remember that stone
Old treasure
Instant pleasure

Alan j Wright


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