Slice of Life Story- Raking Leaves, Rehearsing Words

This morning as I raked and removed another carpet of discarded leaves thrashed, bashed and scattered by last night’s torrent of rain, a poem began to form in my head. The writing mind seldom rests...

It further reminded me that so many of our writing ideas come calling when we are not actually engaged in writing.

So there I was raking and rehearsing...

Wintery Days

And gathering clouds
Raindrop on footpaths
Spits and dollops
Forming puddles and pools
A season of heavy coats
Scarves and gloves
Helter- Skeltering
Miserable breezes
Unforgiving winds
Sniffles and sneezes
Ah choo!

Alan j Wright


  1. Absolute truths: The writing mind never rests and "so many of our writing ideas come calling when we are not actually engaged in writing." They often come with activity and movement (I can think of many authors who were notorious walkers), or in the shower, under the movement of water. The repetitive, mundane action of raking is perfect for idea-stirring ... but then, so are your stunning surroundings. Breathtaking colors. Fascinating how the mind will use the proffered palette to paint its own season - winter reborn in June. Just beautiful.

    1. Thanks Fran. Your comments are valued. I am a writer who walks. It is both a clarifying and purifying time for me. Glad you appreciated my images of winter in June.

  2. Yes, our writing minds don’t rest. We are always on.

    Btw: As I’m sweating here in the USA, it is hard
    To imagine winter right now.

    1. It is always the flipside Stacey. My time in the states adds to my vision back here in Australia. You're right about our writing minds not having an off switch.

  3. My best writing happens when cleaning or gardening - both times without a pen and paper around - and like you reciting it over again until I can reach my writing tools.
    It is 86 and humid here so I’m trying to feel the cold in your poem! I can imagine!

    1. This pre-writing rehearsal is a critical part of the process. The more we write the more we appreciate this quite normal aspect of writing. I like your process. It sounds very familiar.


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