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Writing A Flash Draft

Flash Drafts Sometimes writing becomes complicated when inexperienced writers are asked to over plan, or over think their writing. Frequently they end up overwhelmed by the imposed requirements.
On other occasions teachers may note that the volume of writing a student produces is minimal. This is where the strategy of Flash drafts may assist the inexperienced writer to deal with such issues.
Let's face it, sometimes the writer just need to 'write.' There exists within them an overwhelming urge to get their words and ideas onto paper before they fly away. Overplanning can kill the urgency to write dead in its tracks. Insistence on the use of graphic organizers can also kill the joy. Flash drafts get young writers closer to the act of writing -and it gets them there much quicker. 
The Flash draft enables the writer to have a greater sense of control over the writing elements, as it involves one specific character and one particular event and it all the action takes place in a si…

Helping Kids Write Reflective Memoir Pieces

During my recent visit to Adelaide I had some planning conversations with teachers around writing memoir as opposed to autobiography. Those conversations prompted this post...

Here are some thoughts and ideas I hope will support those writers interested in delving into writing memoir pieces.

What is a MEMOIR?  Memories just may be the most important possession any writer has.  They shape what we write. When we write from our own experience it often provides the writing with greater authority and accuracy. We want more than tedious recounts of trivial events. Memoir involves exploration of memories whether recent or older. it is at the intersection of heart and mind. It should help the writer discover more about themselves.

 You need to connect yourself with your own unique history.  When you explore memories in your writing, pay attention to the feelings connected to it.  Exploring a memory includes looking into not only what happened but also how it affected you then, and how it affects …