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Slice of Life Story- Early Morning Adventures

In Melbourne, Australia we are experiencing an early summer with temperatures sizzling into the mid thirties (97degrees Fahrenheit) for almost a week. This has been the hottest November weather since 1925, we are told. Each morning I have walked to the beach with our dog Boo in an attempt to cool us both off. The temperature of the water has not caught up with the air temperature. It lags behind significantly. No warm currents to warm the bay. It is still bone chilling cold, particularly in the early part of the day. It is a struggle with the mind to overcome the knowledge that the water will smack you into life. Self talk is needed. I have to challenge myself to dive in. Contact with the water is stunning and refreshing in equal doses. My body buzzes with the shock of the cold water.I feel a sense of achievement having overcome my reticence. I stand up and then feel the urge to dive under again. This is great way to begin the day. I am alive in every sense of the word. It will be

Think Before Ink!

“Think Before Ink!” I read that heading in Mark Treddinick’s book, ‘ The Little Red Writing Book' and it reminded me that writing is essentially a process, most of which happens when you are not writing From experience we learn that writing is clearer, shorter and more engaging for the reader when it has been thought through first. We don’t want the reader to stumble along with us as we try to make sense of the true purpose of our writing. The reader wants the story, not the sketchy details, or uncertain ramblings. Successful writing is about thinking and design. It is the rehearsal before the grand performance. This has real implications for the way writing is presented in the classroom. Developing writers need time and space to rehearse and refine their writing intentions. Talking through ideas, making plans, considering the content, and generally sorting out where they want the piece to go. Katie Wood Ray talks about the need to have vision before revision , well writer