Spring Into Verse Day 1

'The key to teaching poetry isn't drilling the vocabulary into your students and having them practice how to recognize iambic pentameter -- the key is getting them motivated. Show them the poetry you enjoy, and explain with genuine enthusiasm why you like it. Let them see what drastically different authors have done. Teach children how to appreciate poetry, and they will understand it. Understanding will lead to their own love of poetry, and that love will carry them forward.'
Gregory Webster

With these words ringing in my ears, I intend to set myself a challenge and post a poem everyday for the month of September. It's spring in Australia, so I'm springing into verse. Ironically, the first poem I ever recall writing way back in about Grade 2 was about spring...

Today, the sun is shining...

I am the sun
I provide warmth
Encouraging daffodils to bloom
I warm your back
And instantly you are dreaming of beach days

I am the sun
I scorch the earth until it is parched and dry
Bringing drought and famine
I force you to perspire
As my searing summer rays burn your delicate skin

I am the evaporator
I am the light
I am the sun


  1. Hi Alan,
    I worked with you at Karoo Primary School back in 2008. One of our sessions focused on personification in poetry. I shared this approach, along with a poetry template outlining this style of 'personification poetry' with teachers at Serpell Primary School last week. Having been some time since I last checked your blog, I thought I'd come by to see what other inspiration you might provide for our poetry unit. It's funny how the stars sometimes align, isn't it.
    You continue to be an inspiration.
    Sincerely, Lindsey Bates

    1. Great to hear from you Lindsey. Thank you for your gracious response. It pleases me to hear that something I shared with you was able to be of use to you going forward. Keep advocating for poetry. Best wishes, Alan.


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