Spring Into Verse Day 10 - A Poem Explaining Where Spinach Comes From

As a child I was told endless tale tales by adults. Tales of questionable feats and acts of daring-do. Sometimes these tales were designed to either scare me unnecessarily, or encourage some degree of modification in my behavior. I was told to watch out for elephants who enjoyed squashing badly behaved children and to be afraid of going near the creek because crocodiles lived there. I recall being told that green jelly was made from cow's hooves and that swallowing chewing gum could kill you. It would stick to your heart and you would die! It's amazing how such nonsensical stories stay with you. Well, I'm not too sure what the inspiration for this piece of contrived nonsense actually was, apart from a desire to have a bit of fun.  Anyway, it was a hoot to write. Let's not forget- Poets need to have a laugh...

Where Spinach Comes From
Not many people are aware of this,
 -spinach grows between the toes
of huge green witches
who live in far away Greenland

Courageous spinach gatherers
wander endlessly in search of these wild witchy women
Who lurk in the remotest mountains

The intrepid spinach gatherers creep cautiously
Sneaking across the snow
Tiptoeing over ice flows
Patiently waiting for the huge green witches
to nod off to sleep

Snoring is the signal

The moment when the fearless spinach gatherers
unsheathe their trusty shears
and begin clipping and shaving
Clipping and shaving
The toes of those smelly green witches

-And that’s where spinach comes from.
Not many people are aware of that
Just thought I’d share that information with you

Alan j Wright


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