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Assisting Young Writers to Better Shape Their Ideas

One of the most frequently asked questions that writers receive concerns where ideas are hiding. The plain fact of the matter is that ideas exist all around us. Writers tend to draw on life experiences, observation, family and friends. There is also a wealth of possibilities in the stories we are told, in the books we read, poems plays, film and assorted media. Ideas exist in the conversations we overhear and those in which we participate. We are surrounded by possibilities.

 ‘Sometimes the easiest way to start writing is not to try to think something up but simply -to write something down –and what better place to begin than with what is right in front of your eyes.'                     Andy Griffiths,Once Upon A Slime
Writers need to practice being observant and notice things other people miss. The challenge for all writers is to identify an idea and make it your own. The art of close observation is something writers of all ages and experience need to practice. Alert the senses and…