Slice of Life Story Challenge March 6 - A Murder of Crows In The Morning

The raucous cawing of a murder of crows invaded the serenity of the morning. What a cacophony! Lying in bed, I could hear them seemingly above me, around me. -Everywhere in fact.  Nothing melodious about the sounds they shared. Nothing sweet. Far from soothing.  A jarring, nerve jangling racket reverberated in my ears. Crows affect us this way. We feel indifferent to them. They belong to Hitchcock.  This bird with the poor rap sheet is in fact a raven, yet we call them crows. We have always called them crows. Maybe, it’s the cawing?  

The terms ‘crow’ and ‘raven’ are originally British in origin.  They have frequently been used interchangeably. It must be said they are difficult to tell apart. The differences are subtle, but generally if the bird has white bases to the feathers on its neck and shoulders it’s a crow and if they’re totally black it’s a raven.  In the end it dosen’t make much difference either way whether it’s a crow or a raven out there in the tree, its murderous raving is nothing to crow about!


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  2. "bird with the poor rap sheet" made me giggle :)

  3. When I am outside and hear them I look to the sky because inevitably they are pursuing a hawk. The hawk always wins, but he must dislike them even more than human beings.

  4. Wonder if it's called a murder of crows because that's what you want to do when you have to listen to a group? A great description, A jarring, nerve jangling racket reverberated in my ears. Even saying this creates a cacophony of sound.

  5. I so agree about the awful sounds of the crow. I always wonder why they have chosen my yard or neighborhood to carry on so. No, nothing with them is melodious at all.


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