Slice of Life Story Challenge March 5 Where My Poetry Hides

Today I came across a small collection of poems, I had  written and promptly misplaced. They were hidden away in a file called Don’t Let The Cat Out of the Bag. The words sounded like me, but I could barely recall writing them. It was like a reclaimed memory. It was an exciting discovery. I immediately began revising them.

I  have always believed it is important to distance yourself from your writing occasionally, but this was quite something else. These poems had effectively been abandoned. Not intentionally of course. I had just put them in a safe place and moved on, or so it would appear.

So today, I share a sample of some randomly abandoned words. Words now reclaimed and partially remodeled.

Where Does Poetry Hide?

Poetry hides
In my father’s chair
In the spidery webs that dangle from the cellar walls
In the hideous taste of Brussel sprouts
In the smell of stinky cabbage water
In a mother’s gentle hands
In a child’s curious eyes
In the shape of a stick insect
In the morning song of magpies
In the crash of waves pounding the beach
Poetry hides here

Cheese To Please You

A man who lived in Kildare
Found a large purple mouse in his hair
He named the mouse Milton
And fed it on Stilton
Although, it preferred Camembert

Monday, Monday Not A Fun-day

On Monday mornings I feel morose
I move my miserable muscles
Like a monkey with the measles

On Monday mornings I wish it was midnight
I move like a mushy macaroon
I am a mostly melancholy monster

On Monday morning I am moderately mean 
A maddening monotone moaner
Misery is my Monday morning master

On Monday mornings
I munch my muesli
And move miserably towards my school 


  1. Alan, I guess I won't use David's response as a model. Finding and reclaiming your words must have been so much fun. I love these poems. Cheese to Please You? That's funny! And I kind of want to write my own Where Does Poetry Hide poem (I would take it easier on the vetegable). Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so curious about why you abandoned these delightful poems. Love the limerick :)

  3. What a find. I cleaning out a filing cabinet last year and stumbled upon some forgotten writing too.You're certainly right about time giving you perspective.

  4. It is always fun and amazing to find words you have writing long ago. I have used the Where does poetry hid with my students - It always makes for wonderful poems and reflections. Thanks

  5. Don't you love finding treasures that you had long forgotten? Your words are lovely and fun.

  6. Oh, I love finding forgotten words! These are superb - I especially love the images in Where Does Poetry Hide? and the Monday poem is fun to say outloud! Reminds me of Marvelous Madame Mim from The Sword in the Stone! ;)


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