Slice of Life Story Challenge -March 30 Italian Adventures Await

Tomorrow, my wife, Vicki and I have the good fortune to be flying to Rome, via Singapore. After 5 days exploring the eternal city, we travel to Priaiano on the Amalfi Coast for a week, before ending our break with a week in Cefalu in Sicily.

I consider myself most fortunate to be able to travel in this way. I do not take it for granted. My parents could never afford to travel this way. Holidays were few and never exotic when I was a child. I recall three occasions when we went ‘away’ during my childhood.  -None of them more than two hours from home.

My Dad only traveled overseas as a consequence of his involvement in W.W.2 and my Mother, only left her home state once in her entire life. She took a bus trip to Canberra with her mother to visit her sick aunt. She was an adult when this trip took place. She crossed state borders just that one time.  Dad, rarely talked about the places he visited during the war years, and it was easy to understand why.

So, travel adventures are embraced with gusto. Vicki and I have had the great fortune to visit Italy on multiple occasions. We consciously try to explore a new region each time. I must admit though, it is always a joy to return to Rome and spend a few days exploring new places and making discoveries. That is part of the adventure. Romans have the great fortune to live in a museum!

 This time, we have arranged to participate in a tour of the eternal city on the back of classic Vespa motor scooters! We have also booked in to visit the Villa Borghese gardens with our trusted guide Riccardo.  Riccardo is an expert in Roman antiquities and his knowledge heightens the learning experience. The time we spend in his company passes so quickly, and he brings to our attention things we would otherwise miss with our untrained eyes.

The second week involves a birthday celebration in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast. A friend is celebrating a significant birthday, so we are privileged to have been invited to join her to share in this special moment -a chance to explore a new area of Italy. We have previously driven along the coast, but never stayed there. What a great opportunity this will be. We can’t wait to return to Capri, where we stayed with friends in 2010. It will be wonderful to see them again. 

The final week involves a return to Cefalu in Sicily, -a place we previously visited in 2006 while living in New York. We always harboured a wish to revisit this coastal gem of a town one day, so this will be a long awaited dream. Places to explore, places to photographs, places to write about. A chance to discover. 

So the suitcases are out and the decision making has begun. The checking has commenced and the anticipation is building. We are primed to launch the next adventure!

A selection of my 2012 photographs showing scenes from
the area near

Via Guilia


  1. I've always wanted to go to Italy! I'm so envious that you have been able to go multiple times. Enjoy your time! Great pics by the way. :)

  2. Sounds like a well deserved and very special adventure!

  3. Jealous!! Have a wonderful time. I wish you had of gone before this challenge so I could have read and learnt all about Italy, every day. It is my dream to travel there one day too. Enjoy every wonderful minute!!

  4. Happy travels! Buon viaggio!

  5. I love the fact that you will travel by Vespa through Rome. What a treat. I've been writing about my bicycle travels through the U.S. for the Slice of Life Challenge and it's been great fun. Have a great trip. My blog address is if you want to take a look. There are three of us who write together.

  6. What a fabulous trip you will have! Knowing traffic in Rome, I'm in awe that you will travel on Vespas. Sounds fun, but yet scary. Have a great time!

  7. Buon viaggio! Your adventures sound wonderful. My experience with parents parallels yours. My father was all over the world in WWII with the army corps of engineers. He always said there was no place like home, & thus we only traveled to visit family. I hope you have wonderful times, Alan-sounds just marvelous!


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