Slice of Life Story Challenge March 28 -Cutting Remarks

I had a haircut today. Nothing unusual in that. What makes this fact worth reporting is that my hairdresser, Leni has been my cutter of choice for 27 years! She knows my locks so well. I trust her. She snips and styles in a manner that sets me at ease. Having a haircut can be problematic. Sometimes it’s a fine line between haircut heaven and haircut hell.

I was amazed to discover recently that women enact up to thirty different hairstyles in a lifetime. A man on the other hand, just tends to gradually lose hair.

Leni always asks the question, ‘Are we going short today Alan? Do I need the razor? My answer is always the same. ‘Maybe, next time Leni. Today, just a trim.’ And so it begins...

We talk about the weather, travel plans and our families. We talk about not retiring, but easing back on work. The conversation is easy. The cutting remarks make the time passes quickly. I enter as a lion and leave trimmed, tamed and less hirsute. As a hairdresser, Leni remains a cut above the rest.


  1. Your "lion" metaphor makes me think of two books that are so fun to read: DANDELION by Don Freeman and MOP TOP--also by Don Freeman. :) Cute.

  2. 30!! Oh dear I must be way behind!!! :-)). It must be nice to have the comfort of the same hairdresser for all that time. Seems wherever I go, if I find one I like, just a few cuts later and she has moved on. Sigh :-))

  3. Same hairdresser for 27 years? Amazing! I have not yet lived in one location to allow that kind of devotion to one stylist. You are a lucky man.

  4. And you left like a lamb?

    I like how you played with cutting remarks. Not what I expected.

  5. I hope you share this with her! Comforting to have a routine task so nicely completed time after time. " She snips and styles in a manner that sets me at ease."

  6. Good to have a haircutter that you trust. Maybe one of these cuts, you'll take her up on the offer to go shorter. Your post is full of humor!


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