Slice of Life Story Day 13 - Celebrating The Raw Stuff

I love making lists. Not shopping lists mind you, but lists that stimulate my ideas for writing. My notebooks are dotted with lists.  Here are a few of my recent lists:
  • Things the world doesn’t need
  • Things that really upset me
  • Things I have only done once
  • Things I love about Vicki
  • Facts about my life that involve figures
    For me, lists create a buzz. The thinking and composing are a great way to get the creative juices flowing. I enjoy the challenge of brainstorming and the thought that unexpected treasure might get unearthed. Lists represent the raw stuff from which writing may grow.

    Today, I am thinking about a list of things I have never done that I assume others have. This idea came from watching the Graham Norton Show, where he asked audience members to share some of their ‘never’ moments.
    So here goes…

    Things I Have Never Done That I Assume Others Have:
    I have never seen the movie, ‘Avatar’
    I have never eaten tuna
    I have never read a Harry Potter book
    I have never attended the Australian Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne
    I have never attended the Australian Open Tennis at Rod Laver Arena
    I have never been inside the famous Windsor Hotel in Melbourne
    I have never attended a yoga session
    I have never watched ‘Masterchef’
    I have never worn a tuxedo
    I have never been to Disneyland
    I have been on a cruise
    I have never eaten a Krispy Kreme doughnut
    I have never believed in an afterlife
    I have never broken a bone in my body
    I have never had a tattoo
    I have never donated blood
    I have never been for a ride on a ferris wheel

     You get the idea…
    You can check out this idea on the Graham Norton Show!


    1. Great post! I have never achieved/completed/experienced 9 of the things that were on your list. But, I do like Graham Norton!

    2. I too love lists as they seem to clarify my thinking and organize my thoughts. Grocery lists, to do lists, and crafts to do lists are my usual areas of expertise! I need to think more about this "bucket" typeof list!

    3. Interesting... now I have to think about my own list of "nevers"... and whether I care if I ever do them!

    4. I like this idea! I think my students will like this idea too and I will probably have to steal it! I will give credit to both you and Graham Norton. I share some of your "nevers", but strangely not the one about the tuxedo...

    5. I'm totally stealing this idea, too! I have to say, I cannot believe youve never eaten a Krispy Kreme donut!! You gotta try one! On second thought, don't...they're a bit addicting! ;)

    6. Ooh... I might be using this as a mentor text for me, too! There are 13 things on your list that I haven't done either. Thanks for the inspiration!

    7. what an interesting perspective on lists! Thanks for broadening my thinking and sharing your "never" list.

    8. I wonder why it is so many of us like to make lists? Do you think it is the mark of a writer? I make lists of all sorts - nowadays often to just REMEMBER stuff - but I make all other sorts as well. Curious - I may have to slice on this after pondering it a bit. Thanks for sharing one of your lists.

    9. Cool idea! I have to tell you, though, you haven't lived till you've had a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Hot, glazed, fresh. Ymmmmmmm.

    10. I like a good list and this one would be interesting to think about . . . thanks for sharing! By the way, I've never read a Harry Potter book (hate to admit it as a teacher, but . . . ) and I've never broken a bone in my body.

    11. Love this post! I love lists and may just use this idea.

    12. Interesting, thought-provoking post. I too love lists. I come from a long line of list makers, so I have always figured it's in my blood. I may try a list of nevers too. Thanks.

    13. Hmm. Now you have me thinking. I have never done any of those Australia things. Or been to Australia. Or broken a bone. I did read one Harry Potter book, but that was enough for me… This is a fun list!

    14. How would the lists look if titled - 'Have never done but must do one day' and 'Have no intention of ever doing'? My son sent home a postcard while travelling in south America. On it was a list of what he aimed to do before mid year. My task was to save it until then and give it back so he could see how he had gone. So it is not just writing that grows from a list but life as well.

    15. I have watched "Masterchef" and read all the Harry Potter books. I have never heard of Graham Norton. I like the idea of this kind of list. I have to admit that for a long time the only lists I wrote were to-do lists. This has changes since I joined this writing community.


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