Slice Of Life Story Challenge Day 14- I Could Complain

I could complain about the leaves that continually litter my driveway from my neighbours trees. I could complain about the self medicated lane cloggers at the supermarket who wander indecisively without a set buying plan and impede focused hunters and gatherers who just want to get in and get out. But I won’t!
I could complain about the time it takes to unravel my speaker cords each morning before I can listen to my Ipod while walking, but I won’t. I could complain about the spiders in our garden, who appear to want to spread their webs over everything in our tiny kingdom, but I won’t.

I could complain about the time it takes to complete a transaction in the post office as you wait in the inevitable line, but I won’t. I could complain about how television networks deliberately overrun starting times for advertised programs to hold you captive, but I won’t. I could complain about floury apples, or car alarms or maybe even how soap got in my eyes this morning, but I won't.

The reason I won’t complain is that every time I feel like having a good old fashioned whinge, my father’s words come back to me through the mists of time. Words he uttered every time my sisters and I grumbled and complained about our lot in life. Dad would quietly say, in a voice just loud enough for us to hear, 'I complained because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.’ And quite miraculously we would cease our lamenting.

When my own kids complained I would sing this little ditty from my childhood, which I'm sure they detested. So, in my own way I have followed my Dad’s lead.

The Chum Song

Being a chum is fun
That is why I’m one
Always smiling, Always gay
Chummy at work
And chummy at play
Laugh away your worries
Don’t be sad or glum
And everyone will know that you’re a
Chum, chum, chum!


  1. Your dad was a wise man and now you have passed that wisdom on...not only to your children but to your community of writers. Well said, Chum.

  2. Although my grandfather passed away when I was two years old, my mom tells me that he often used the same saying. In the same vein, he would tell his kids that if everyone packed up their troubles in a paper bag and set the paper bags in the middle of the room for the taking, he'd try as he might to find his own bag. You never know what troubles others have packed away.
    Thanks for this reminder, well written and so important.

  3. Great post. It's so easy to complain about the mundane in our life, but there are real people out there with real problems. Your dad's quote is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing

  4. Some very good advice. I found out I was complainer in college, and it was told to me from someone I loved. I'm glad that special someone set me straight. What tune to you use for this song?

  5. From one of "his" kids I can truly confirm the fact that he did sing this song...

    Brings back very painful memory's which have just resurfaced

    Thanks Dad....


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