Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 15 Storm Warnings

It is Thursday afternoon and a storm is approaching. As I drove home from work, severe storm warnings were being announced over the radio. I thought of Vicki working up in the city today and the slow commute home and the possibility of her getting caught up in all that rain.  I take comfort in the fact that her phone delivers regular weather alerts and updates.
As I sit in my study writing with Boo sleeping at my feet, I begin recalling the story I shared with teachers today titled, ‘The Boat’ by Helen Ward & Ian Andrew. The text contains the line ‘Over the hills and under the sky, the wind sent clouds the colour of bruises, and the first fat drops began to fall.’

These words, and the impending storm, inspire me to write the following:

Storm Watching
I watch the storm clouds gather
As I sit here in my room
The sky is full of waterbags
And dark and inky gloom
I see a zap of lightning
Scratch the distant sky
And heavy droopy water droplets
Begin to change the dry
And now the storm is overhead
The thunder makes me shiver
But the garden whisper- thankyou
For the rain the clouds deliver

*Vicki made it home before the heavens opened...

The book referred to in this slice.


  1. What great imagery. In this part of Victoria even the gardens have had enough for a little while.

  2. What a great image of the storm looming and then your concern for its impact on someone you care about. Will have to bookmark this book too!

  3. I love listening to storms... as long as I am safely inside.

    I used to be terrified of storms and huddle in my parents' room at night...

  4. "The thunder makes me shiver
    But the garden whisper- thankyou
    For the rain the clouds deliver"
    Perspective changes everything.

  5. The King Zoo above beat me to my very favorite lines, but I'll go for all of them-beautiful thoughts as well as images. Our earth too is in need of rain, but there are no storm clouds here. I actually like your intro as much as the poem, with a little bit of tension about your wife but relaxing at the window with the dog at your feet. Lovely!

  6. I am glad Vicki made it home safely. I got to commute in Portland traffic yesterday with the heavens wide open and rain, rain, rain. I like "inky gloom".

  7. I find it tough to write in this kind of rhyme/stanza structure and not have it sound nursery rhyme-ish. You manage it with admirable nuance and dexterity. Bravo! I love "dark and inky gloom"-- :)

  8. my favorite line - begin to change the dry. Thanks for sharing the quote from the book too, such colorful words.


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