Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 21 -Things Get Better When They Get VERSE!

Today is World Poetry Day, so it is only appropriate that I share a poem. Poetry has been a strong thread through my writing life and I have always believed the following to be true for our student poets:
 For things to get better they must get verse!

So, here's my humble contribution to World Poetry Day 2012!


I don’t think my Gran likes Picasso
His paintings leave her agog
She is puzzled by Pablo Picasso
- A dog should look like a dog !
Landscapes are more to her liking
And portraits of luminous folk
Or some beauty draped on a soft velvet couch
Wearing a long flowing cloak
Gran doesn’t approve of Picasso
His arrangement of line, form and size
She stares at his paintings and mumbles
Terrible !  triangular eyes !
Gran’s clearly not keen on Picasso
But she’s no weeping woman you see
For she takes me to all the galleries
And that’s made some impression on me
One day I may be a painter
And use an impressionist style
But for now I like looking at paintings
And I’ll stay with Picasso a while

*This poem was inspired by a conversation with a student that included the title line. We were sitting on a bus on our way to an excursion to an art gallery.


  1. What a great poem. It's clear that you really can take a moment of time and help others to unerstand it clearly!

  2. I love the rhythm of this poem! I wrote a poem that will go up tomorrow. I find I tend toward free verse myself, but I do appreciate those who can use the techniques of rhythm and rhyme :)

  3. For she takes me to all the galleries
    And that's made some impression on me
    One day I may be a painter
    And use an impressonist style

    Those are my favorite lines...we can only hope to provide opportunities that make an impression- who knows what it could lead to!


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