Adolescent Writers and Writer's Workshop

Came across this post from Franki Sibberson at 'Choice Literacy' and thought it was well worth sharing. The post deals with middle school adolescent writers and  how Franki grappples with her goals for writer's workshop for this particular age group. I offer it as a worthwhile read. The article is titled 'Short Genres, Big Messages.'

Franki Sibberson writes:
'Some years ago, I moved from a 5th grade classroom to an intermediate multiage classroom with grades 3 and 4 students. I realized quickly that my writing workshop would be different from what it was in 5th grade. Although these students were ready to keep a writers' notebook, there were things from the primary writing workshop that I felt these kids would also benefit from.
There seems to be quite a bit written on writing workshop for grades K-1 and for the upper elementary grades. When I taught beginning readers and writers, we were immersed in making books and in deciding which format would best suit our needs. For example, If I want to invite my friend to my party, how can I do that? In the upper elementary grades, we did a great deal with writers' notebooks, learning to live our lives as writers, coming up with ideas and using a notebook to collect and craft thinking into pieces of writing.'

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