Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 12 -Mystery of the Flatulent Dog

Something strange has been happening to our little dog Boo over this long weekend. She has had a severe case of flatulence!  Smells that would make grown men cry have been floating regularly in the air around her. Now before I do irreparable damage to her reputation let me say this, normally she is a sweet little dog in every sense of the word. However, the last few days have been almost terrifying. She has been clearing the house on a consistent basis; a succession of smells that could peel paint from the walls of our house.
On Friday evening as we sat with two of our grandchildren enjoying dinner; Boo sitting quietly under the dining table produced a smell that would have put a smirk on Satan’s face. A collective gag reflex gripped us and the offending canine was summarily dismissed. She sat staring at the window not fully comprehending what was taking place, or why she had to stay outside.
 ‘Boo, why are doing that? asked Sass.
 ‘Because she can.’ I replied.
‘It’s terrible isn’t it?’ said my wife, Vicki. ‘She’s not normally like this,’ she added in the little dog’s defence.

A toxic mystery has befallen us. Boo just looks bemused when we scatter or worse still, usher her outside. She is essentially in an indoor dog and appears extremely put out at being put out! She has been one smelly princess and we have lacked answers when it comes to the cause of her horrendous methane melodies.  We searched fruitlessly for answers. Her diet hadn’t changed, she hadn’t eaten anything unusual that we could pinpoint as a cause for her ferocious flatulence.  The mystery of the pongy pooch continued to mystify us until…

Our daughter Jane and her partner, LJ called in for morning tea and we felt it only fair to warn them of the potential for toxic shock while in our home. We pointed at Boo.  They smiled at each other knowingly and each invited the other to say something. Vicki and I were puzzled, yet intrigued. ‘What? Tell us,’ I asked.
‘Well,’ said Jane ‘LJ might know something, -or not.’
This evasiveness was adding further intrigue.
‘I’m not saying that Boo accidentally ate some chilli beef when she stayed with us while you were working in the city during the week. I’m just thinking that maybe that was possible.’ said LJ, finding it increasingly difficult not to laugh. ‘Someone may have put a bowl of chilli on the floor for a moment. Something like that could possibly happen. It happens all the time…’

Now, our little dog has a reputation for vacuuming food when it is left within dog reaching distance and it was easy to see her pouncing on a bowl of food left unattended.

Mystery solved! Boo has been transformed into a chilli dog… I am ready to call the EPA if the malady lingers on!
Boo, before the storm clouds gathered.


  1. What a great ending to your story. I can just see him eating and becoming a chili dog!

  2. Got a chuckle from this, especially the ending. Glad the mystery is solved!

  3. Hilarious- who could pass up a lead-in to a post about flatulence?? I have a poor Schnoodle who is afraid of her own butt noises. She tries to leap away from it and becomes increasingly agitated that it is still attached.

    It is a blessing that at least Boo was unfazed by the stink! I am glad to hear it nothing serious--only gas, which will pass!

  4. This is absolutely hysterical. Poor Boo. I was ready to blame the author because all the men in my life are very quick to blame the closest pet. :-) "A smirk on Satan's face" is just priceless. Chili Dog! Fantastic!

  5. You had me at "flatulent dog."

  6. Laugh! Well, how can I resist a post about a farting dog? That is so wonderful!

    Great slice!

  7. Clever, funny and entertaining. You expressed the severity of the problem with many interesting word choices "succession of smells that could peel paint, horrendous methane melodies, ferocious flatulence" Poor Boo!

  8. Funny! Been there with my own dog, can relate all too well.

  9. What a hoot!
    There is so much craft packed into this story ;D


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