Slice of Life Story Day 17 An Irish Connection

It’s St Patrick’s Day and Irish music is flowing through our house. Both Vicki and I have ancestral links to Ireland and the music and the literature have been a thread in our lives. We have been fortunate enough to visit Ireland on two occasions and as the music rings in my ears, thoughts of those visits are revived.
I particularly recall an evening in Dingle. County Kerry, Ireland The only town on the Dingle Peninsula,  it sits facing the Atlantic Ocean about 71 km. northwest of Killarney. That night, we went in search of music…

Down by the harbour area we were lured into Murphy’s Pub by strains of traditional Irish music played by a duo aptly named ‘Shenanigans’ They lured us like the legendary sirens.  For more than two hours they entertained the patrons of this crowded establishment with non stop renditions of well known songs. The singer played guitar and provided the banter. His partner sat astride a stool and caressed the living daylights out of a small accordion. He became almost trance like as he immersed himself in the lilting energy of the music. We found ourselves swept away by the playing of their hypnotic jigs and reels. Round and round again went the music. “How does he know when to stop?” whispered Vicki. There we were perched on tiny stools to the side of the players. It was a dream come true.

The pub was packed with an international audience. Men, women and children of all ages united for a brief time by the power of music. The Guinness flowed, hands clapped, feet tapped and hearts were lightened by the music in that small pub in Dingle. We drank a few easy pints of ale before strolling back to our lodgings through the cold, damp Dingle night. We felt well pleased with our evening in that remote little place.

Next morning we strolled the streets to capture happy snaps, trapping our memories in photographs. We passed Murphy’s Pub and thought of the previous night’s music and I swear I could still hear it…
Happy St Patrick’s Day!


  1. Ahhhh.... amazing! I've always dreamed of going to Ireland, and my husband and I are finally planning our trip. Next year, for our 20th anniversary.

    I loved reading this post, and I can't wait to go myself!

  2. I love your wife's question "how does he know when to stop?" This makes me nostalgic for better than the large tv's of the sports bars in America. The music is so inviting to imagine. We spent time in eastern Europe once and loved that some sang in the taverns. Thanks for the memory!

  3. I have my Irish music playing today too! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous evening. I'm off to Ireland and the Dingle Peninsula this July. I'll be sure to stop into Murphy's Pub and take a listen.


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