Slice of Life Story Challenge March 18 -Telling Tales

Telling Tales

A poem to end the working week, seems most appropriate. This one was inspired by my personal writing process.  I found it today as I did some trawling through an old writer's notebook while preparing for a presentation I have next week. 

I like to tell myself stories
I invent them in my head
They rock and roll around my mind
They entertain me on the bus
They are with me as I walk down Union Street
They are there when I enter the subway
They ride with me through the underground tunnels
My stories roll around in my head until they are ready to be told

They emerge like warm clothes from a tumble dryer
Fresh, new and ready to be written across the pages of my notebook

In my world
It seems                                                               
Everything’s just so write


  1. What a perfect way to end a week! Love the word trawling! Yes, stories do tumble about in my mind, but then I lose them unless I jot a bit down to remind me. This is a new process for me. Can't say I'm faithful to it, but I continue to try to write.

  2. It's like all things habitual, the more we make time to practice, the easier it becomes. It's the word 'continue' that stands out in your response Elsie.

  3. They rock and roll in my mind.... YEAH!!!
    In my mind, they hold on tight, hoping I will remember them....!!!!
    Bonnie K

    1. We sometimes have to hold on tight to our memories Bonnie. It makes them all the more special.


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