Slice of life Story Challenge March 11 -Tantrums In The Hood

Tantrums In The Hood

Now I can't say with any certainty that the incidence of toddler tantrums is on the increase, but this week I have found myself witnessing several such outbursts in different locations. Some of them have been ear piercing throw-downs. I feel for the parents, I really do.  I find myself turning to poetry in response to this disturbing development in my community...

Tilly Taylor’s Tantrum

Attention please shoppers
We have a meltdown in aisle four
Right beside the confectionery stand
Young Tilly Taylor
Age four and a quarter
Is experiencing a throwdown
Customers are advised to avoid this area
Tilly’s mother said No
I repeat, No
I will not add a packet of Jelly Snakes to the shopping trolley…
And so-
A throwdown is happening right now, right here
We have-Whaa!
Piercing screams
Yelling and spit
Devil eyes
Foot stomping
And hate stares
We have trolley rattling
And more…

Shoppers in aisle four are advised to move immediately
To alternative aisles
Tilly’s mother is moving towards frozen foods
In the hope of cooling things down
Tilly Taylor remains in aisle four
Hollering and sobbing
It appears we have a tantrum running out of steam
And scream
No jolly Jelly Snakes today
No way
Thank you shoppers for your patience
In this unforeseen situation

Price check on tissues…


  1. Perfect! And having a blind two year old with behavioral and sensory issues, this just might have become my all-time favorite poem. Thank you.

    1. Cindy, I am glad my poem helped you make a connection.


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