Slice of Life Story Challenge March 14- The Synergy of Words and Numbers

  The Synergy of Words and Numbers

Today I am compiling a list that requires numbers. The list is somewhat random in nature. The numbers gives the list some gravitas. My personal fascination with trivia is driving this piece. Words and numbers are both wonderful things...

I have lived in 4 places beginning with the letter M
I have had 5 knee operation resulting from my sporting indulgences
I have visited Ireland 2 times
I have published 4 books
I have written 3 musicals
I have visited Bali 14 times since 2009
I have two copies of Jerry Spinelli’s ‘Maniac Magee.’
I have 11,574 songs on my Ipod
Each morning I eat 3 ‘weetbix’ with yoghurt and blueberries
I have been using writer’s notebooks for 33 years
I have visited Rome on 4 occasions
I have lived in 5 places beginning with the letter B
I have 5 Yotam Ottolenghi cookbooks
I have walked across the Brooklyn Bridge 4 times
I have visited Perth on 1 occasion
I have 2 scars on my right hand from children misadventures with axes
I have 110 books related to the craft of writing
I once sang in front of 1500 people at the Bendigo YMCA
I have eaten silk worms on 1 occasion (while visiting Vietnam)
I have owned 8 cars in my lifetime (not all at once)
I only buy black gel pens in packs of 4
My poet’s suitcase contains 120 poetry books
I lived and worked in New York for 6 years
Yesterday I completed 10,378 steps (according to my watch)
When I was 15  I long jumped 6.24 metres
During my football career I played with 7 different teams
My hand span is 26 centimetres
I once went 365 days without eating bread.
There are currently 3 tins of chickpeas in our pantry

My poet's suitcase

Our band, This Way Out


  1. I found your list of words and numbers soothing! And I kept thinking about what my number for that would be! I lingered on The Brooklyn Bridge...I think 4 is also my number!! Love that bridge! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sally it pleases me to think you found my list soothing. Interesting that it made you ponder your particular numbers as well.

  2. I learned a lot about you through your list! Traveler, athlete, musician, writer, reader--you live a full and interesting life!

    1. Thanks Chris. You are right. I do indeed live a fortunate life.

  3. These stats -- from places you've lived and visited to vacation information -- tell us so much more about your life. May I just say that I'm envious of those nine trips to Bali? I'm hoping to make it there just once in my lifetime!

    1. Thanks Stacey. Our notebook collections certainly reveal a lot about us as writers and as people in general. Footprints of our lives.

  4. 33 years of notebooks, poetry suitcase, 110 books about craft of writing, and 3 musicals caught my eye the most. Can't get Bali out of my mind. Your trivia list was fun to read.

    1. Thanks Terje, pleased to be able to share it with you.

  5. Numbers and personal trivia, an excellent combination! It makes me start thinking about numbers and trivia of my life, wonder what I might include. Love the poet's suitcase! That's a lot of books! I may have to bring up your 110 books on writing craft if my husband groans when I purchase another book about writing. Thanks for the glimpse into your world.

    1. Thanks Elsie, if you can use my profligacy to justify your investment in building your knowledge, then go for it. Glad you enjoyed the glimpse.


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