SOL2015 The Wandering Writer And His Dog

Each morning I dare not whisper the word walk within ear shot of Boo, the wonder dog. It is clearly a word that tips her level of excitement off the end of the scale. It surprises me when her tail remains attached, such is her enthusiasm for morning exercise. She picks up walking clues as well. She associates certain shoes and socks with walking. She associates me picking up my phone and ear plugs with walking too. When I gather my hat and her lead, well that puts the matter well beyond doubt.

Our walking has many purposes. For both of us, it contributes to our health. We keep each other going. We are partners in health. I enjoy my dog’s companionship, I talk to her  and she sniffs, snuffles and strives to keep the pace going throughout the hour we walk. It’s a team effort out there on the local streets and pathways.

For me, it sharpens my observations of the surrounding environment.  A writer spends as much time thinking about writing as they actually spend composing. This is pre- writing time.  I use the time to collect ideas that may contribute to my writing life. I snap photographs. I engage my senses. I use the time to rehearse writing ideas, clarify issues, plan my day, re-assess and ponder my options. My mind comes alive at this time. I walk in the hope of finding treasure. I find it in my head. I find it in the things I see.  I occasionally find it lying on the ground right in front of me.

This time away from my personal writing space is well spent.


  1. Dogs are the best. For years we have been spelling the word 'walk' if we're within earshot of our dog, Indie. Recently, he's figured that out too! Our dog can spell!

  2. I like the title, especially 'wandering writer," for the picture it creates. "I walk in the hope of finding treasure."- what a great attitude, both when applied to the exercise aspect of walking and the idea of it being a pre-writing time.

  3. I love walking the trails in my neighborhood but I'm waiting for warmer weather. I can see how your walks with Boo help you to organize thoughts and gather new ideas. Thats a double bonus! Triple even! Thanks for sharing!


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