SOL2015 March 12 -Random Thoughts And Ruminations

Tracking random thoughts and observations today…

Noticing my thinking, Recording thoughts and wondering if they will  still be ponderable beyond the moment of initial recognition. 


Some morning walkers pass me by in a funk. Grumpy faces and averted gazes. I smile and greet them. My pass rate is still only about 50%. Are they merely shy? Are they fearful of strangers? Are they not fully awake?

I  love the melodious morning warbling of Magpies. It is a song of joyfulness for the new day. They put the raucous cawing of crows to shame.

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the freshness of the morning air and the softness of the afternoon sunlight. Days of mellowness to savour.

Children’s pavement chalk designs possess an inherent optimism.

Ten year old boys are pretty grotty. They can go away on a school camp for several days and never unwrap the soap, or change their underwear.

I’m happy not to talk too much over breakfast and the morning news catch up. Vicki sees it as a challenge to engage me in conversation.

I embrace the day gradually. Vicki bursts upon the scene with gusto. She then fades early in the evening, while I’m still sparking. We are fired from different rockets.

You should never assume you’re safe when walking on a pedestrian crossing. You are relying heavily on the concentration of the driver. Many just ain’t got it!

When you immerse yourself in writing thoughts, It’s easy to forget precisely where you parked your car.

Drinking green tea is beginning to grow on me. Not literally of course.

I have no trouble admitting I am a creature of habit. Café Modi, then the supermarket shopping. I need the buzz to face the madness of the trolley bash.

Supermarket shopping is more bearable (and quicker) if you have a predetermined plan and stick to it.

Blueberries may be considered an ‘everyday food.’ High in antioxidants. But the price is not. Berry expensive!

The term –‘processed food’ should be considered an oxy-moron…If it’s not something my grandmother would recognize, then it’s not food. The mantra that sings in my head as I walk the supermarket aisles.

Overheard: 'He's got the personality of a fish.' Hard not to chuckle upon hearing this.


  1. Your list made me smile - but to smile like a fish? Love that thought!

  2. A list of thoughts. I love the idea. And your thoughts always take you to such create places. I created a list today too. Of how to use "just" 10 minutes. I love list writing.

  3. You write of the grumpy morning walker faces, but I see them looking down, at their phones. If I send a cheery "good morning", they look up, startle. Missing life I think. I enjoyed the list, Alan-thoughts abounding!

  4. This made my night. Thank you for making me smile!


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