SOL2015 March 31 - The Writes Of March Completed

I recall a story of a famous mountain climber being asked why he climbed mountains. He replied, ‘Because they’re there.’ I experience a similar feeling when I think about tackling the challenge of the Slice of Life March Challenge. I consider it an invaluable proposition for me as a writer. It encapsulates every aspect of the writing process, and those processes are reinforced daily by the challenge of producing  some meaningful words each day for the entire month of March.

Each day, I willingly indulge in pre-writing. I am aware of my rehearsal. The mulling over of writing possibilities, the choosing of possible words and phrases and the inevitable questions that permeate this planning phase. The drafting follows, frequently occurring at the end of the working day. On occasions an idea supersedes my original intent such is its power over my  initial thoughts. It flies into my consciousness like late breaking news.

I compose my urgent words on the computer, before uploading them to my blog. At this point, I begin rereading, revising, reviewing and finally I edit. A final read aloud is conducted and then the uploading of images unfolds. It is at this point the gnashing of teeth takes place when the layout on the screen doesn't match the previewed piece. More layout manoeuvres and some metaphorical nudging and squeezing is hastily undertaken in order to make the pieces fit.  My slice of life story is then published.  I am at this point both tired and elated. Elated that another day’s challenge has been met. Wholly satisfying. This is my usual routine for the writes of March.

It is with some sense of relief and a large degree of  personal satisfaction that I reach the end of this, my seventh challenge.  For every participant the writing must fit in with the demands of our wider lives. Professional and personal lives continue to require nourishment and attention while the challenge is in town. It never takes place in isolation.  

I recognize that there is something quite addictive in this process; this annual challenge. Something keeps me coming back…

I recognize what my participation provides me as a writer. It gives me focus and discipline. It delivers ideas in abundance. More importantly, it gives me community. Audience and feedback inform and sustain the writer within. I am aware writing can be isolating without these critical elements. I embrace the exchanges with fellow writers.

Thank you fellow SLICERS for your valued feedback.Thank you for the chance to share our respective writings. Thank you for sharing through your writing so much of yourselves, as you go about living your fulfilling lives. I gain insights and inspiration from your collective thoughts. Congratulations and sincere thanks to the team at Two Writing Teachers for presenting this challenging and compelling quest. I feel a sense of commitment each day to my fellow writers.  It sharpens my awareness, my observations, my thoughts. I am a moth to this writing flame, drawn to the task of composing my daily slice of life story .

And so, another March is now captured in words –Wonderful to look back over. I have made discoveries, for part of this journey involves exploring self. I have also been able to learn of common incidents in their real state by reading the words of fellow writers. These shared experiences have allowed me to contemplate and connect, despite our geographical differences. It reinforces the fact that happiness frequently resides in embracing  the moment. When we learn to do this, we stop borrowing from the bank of future hope.

 There are always discoveries to be made, -words, phrases, ideas and the optimism that resides in the attitudes of our fellow citizens of the world. To hear of common experiences, to hear of wonder and curiosity, to hear of empathy, excitement and joy is what sustains us all.

More power to you, fellow slicers!

‘All good things got to come to an end
The thrills have to fade
Before they come 'round again.’

 Jackson Browne
All Good Things


  1. Your reflection was a pleasure to read. Relief and satisfaction - the challenge ending. Curiosity and empathy, wonder and joy, finding the common and celebrating the special - even with a tight schedule, the writing adds flavor to the life. Congratulations on finishing the challenge for the seventh time.

  2. This says it all- and so beautifully! I've learned from your slices and look forward to continue to read them.

  3. This says it all- and so beautifully! I've learned from your slices and look forward to continue to read them.

  4. Bravo Alan for your time and energy and writing skills to make your slices so uplifting. I confess, I put it out there without any pre-writing process. I am so appreciative of time you take.
    Thank you, writer.

  5. Exactly. This. This is why I know I will be back next year. It is addictive. In a world where I am not surrounded by people who understand why I write, it is wonderful to be around constant support and understanding and intelligent comments about my writing for 31 days.

  6. Your words and thoughts are such a treat to read. I feel the relief of completing another year, but know that tomorrow will bring a sense of lonely as there are no slices to read. Thanks for your words here and comments you make. Writers truly do live life twice.

  7. Thanks for your words once again. It brightens my morning to read your posts. I look forward to reading you on Tuesdays. I always learn for much from you. This was a great reflection on the month.

  8. Thank you so much for being a veteran slicer and allowing us newbies insights into your processes. I freely admit that I have taken more than given this year as I learned the "Slice of Life" first hand- it is one thing to enjoy reading them, quite another to write them each day to the level that you do. I will definitely add more images next year, but found dealing with my iffy internet and dying computer enough of a formatting challenge. I appreciated your kind comments throughout!

  9. I love the way you describe your writing process. I especially like this comment: I am always writing a story in my head. I saw a lot of myself in what you have written here. Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

  10. I love the way you describe your writing process. I especially like this comment: I am always writing a story in my head. I saw a lot of myself in what you have written here. Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

  11. It HAS been a pleasure, Alan. Thank you for your eloquent words (in your blog and in your feedback). So glad for this connection.


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