SOL2015 March 27 Take A Leaf Out Of The Day

It rained overnight. The wind howled and the trees bent to its unrelenting will. The casualties were strewn on the driveway this morning. An Autumnal aftermath. Leaves of many colours littered the ground. I gathered a few of them up, took them inside and photographed them. Then I wrote...


It clung tenaciously
To its sturdy host

Eventually the wind
Separated them
And the leaf
Cast adrift
Began its inevitable descent

To earth
Like a feather, tumbling

On the pathway
It landed
Face up
Autumn shades exposed
Brilliant at the end
Intense hues of
magenta, indigo and russet red
Among the verdant green remnants
A leaf
Beauty defying death


  1. Beautiful - the photos, and the poetry.

  2. What color!!! So good to see as I look outside my window to rainy gloom.

  3. Autumn...Wow...I forget. I love the line, "The wind howled and the trees bent to its unrelenting will." You painted a picture today with words and photos. Thank you.

  4. What a treasure trove of color landed on your driveway! Then the thoughts that created the poem of the journey to the driveway revealed in a poem. I love the colors you used which made each stanza stand out. The shape of the words could be leaves. Very cool!

  5. Love the color of words and leaves! Always fun to hear of fall when I am hoping for the snow to melt outside my window leaving me with spring.

  6. The colors are so vivid in the photos and the poetry. I love the lines "Brilliant at the end" and "Beauty defying death." The words reflect the hope to end well when that day comes.

  7. Beauty defying that not what happens when death occurs naturally? I love your words. It's completely incongruous to me that you have fall now! If only we had spring, I might not be as envious as I am.

  8. Thanks for posting this. You are a poet and a great photographer.

  9. I have to say it is strange to read about autumn and leaves falling when spring is just emerging where we are in the world. I love the way you write about it, though. Flittering, fluttering and falling...a poem full of strong images. Your pictures are also beautiful.


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