SOL2015 March 7 Keep Away From Cliff Edges

I walk on those mornings I am not working. I usually walk for an hour and try to set myself a brisk pace. I have damaged knees from my youthful sporting excesses and this prevents me running anymore. It doesn't stop me wishing I could go faster. I try to walk a different route each time, just to add some variety to my travels, my observations.

One route takes me through bushland, along the cliff top, above the bay. The track is called, Nunn’s Walk, after one of the town’s early inhabitants. About two kms. along this track is a sign warning passersby in no uncertain terms, ‘WARNING Keep Away From Cliff Edges.’ While heeding the warning, I inwardly chuckle with delight at the possible interpretations one could take from this sign. The poet inside nudged me to respond  ’ Go on. You know you want too. It whispers.
So, finally after this morning's walk, I gave in to my poetic urges and took the stance of my much younger self. This is what happened...

Keep Away From Cliff Edges
I read a sign that told me to keep away from Cliff Edges
Problem is…
I've never met him
So, I don’t really know what he looks like
And that’s a problem
How do I keep away from someone I can’t even recognize?
I could be standing next to Cliff Edges at the bus stop
-And I wouldn't know it
I could be sitting next to Cliff Edges at the beach
-And I wouldn't know it
I could be flying in a hot air balloon with Cliff Edges
-And I wouldn't know it
I wonder about Cliff Edges
Is he a scallywag as my Nana calls some boys
Or, is he something worse?
Maybe Cliff Edges is a ratbag?
A nincompoop?
A bully?
Maybe, he’s just a little misunderstood, as my Mum likes to say

I will keep my eyes open
Just in case
I run into him
This most mysterious character

-Cliff Edges 


  1. I enjoyed this poem, Alan-a definitely different perspective than what the sign was meaning to say. Makes us wonder if people look at what they write on signs before posting.


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