SOL2015 March 29 Focus on Feet

Feet are pretty darn weird things I‘ve decided. This morning I was staring down at my two, as I was pulling on my socks and shoes prior to my ritual brisk morning walk.  Toes of different length and dimension greeted me. They appear like pathetic members of a family.  A somewhat ugly family, I've decided. Tapering in size from biggest to smallest. Each one of them has its own distinct characteristics.  The big toe is hard to miss. It really dominates the foot. I wonder if the other toes resent it's preposterous size advantage? In my particular case, I have two toes I would describe as shy.  Yes, that's right, shy. They appear to be trying to hide behind other toes. 

Toes are quite individual. Even the way the nail grows on each toe makes it a little different from its fellow toes. -And yet, despite their individuality, collectively they do us proud.

We do incredibly cruel things to our little pinkies. We house them in socks for hours at a stretch and then cram them into the darkened recesses of often ill fitting shoes.  Such are the dictates of fashion.  It is hardly surprising they ache and stink when we eventually release them from their dingy daytime dungeons.

I am aware that walking is the best exercise we can give our feet. Improved circulation and weight loss have direct benefits for our beleaguered extremities. Each day when I look down at them, they hardly look impressed at the prospect of more exercise.

I read recently that one quarter of the bones in the human body are in our feet. That’s an impressive statistic. Feet are therefore quite intricate structures. Marvellous in fact.  I am also aware that my feet are slightly above average size, but then again they do a lot of great support work for my entire body, so I am going to look at my feet a little differently in the future. Feet may be bone ugly things, but they do great work every single day.


  1. Interesting topic and perspective. I enjoyed it. It's worth taking a look at the things we take for granted and appreciating the work they do!

  2. Ha! You have to read Larkin's (who is my daughter) post about feet! The two of you were on a similar wavelength. Love the insights about toes and individuality. I'm thinking picture book?

  3. Insightful thoughts with a bit of alliteration thrown into the mix to make this a delightful read although the topic may be deemed unworthy of such perusing. Oh those bones who do so much work without praise!

  4. Great slice! I never ever really thought about my "feet family". LOL. I have a feeling this slice will be in my head each time I look at them now! Not sure if a thank you is in order :-)

  5. I try not to think about my feet, which seem to exist in a perpetual state of disrepair. But, I am looking forward to removing woolen socks, at long last, when our dreadful winter finally comes to a close. Did not know about the number of bones in our feet - that earns my respect!

  6. Wow! That is a lot of bones. I love this discussion of feet.

  7. Immediately came here after seeing your comment-- and I'd have to agree with you. Although feet are quite ugly and I really don't care to think much about them, they do a lot for us. I'll be happy to give them a nice, long break from their "dingy daytime dungeons" as the weather gets warmer and toe-crunching boots are no longer necessary!


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