Slice of Life Story Challenge March 16 - Embracing A Slow Saturday

On this Saturday we woke to grey, low skies and the promise of rain. A promise that has been fulfilled. Steady rain has been falling most of the day. Quiet, unobtrusive rain. It falls gently, not wishing to be noticed it seems. You only become aware of it if you take the time to look out the window. This rain is most welcome though. After a period of unseasonal heat and very little rain, this modest moisture is most welcome. A slow Saturday ensues. We take our lead from the weather. A slow Saturday is a good thing. It is embraced with little resistance following a demanding working week.

This slow Saturday means we are not out of the house until almost noon. No problem. We linger over a coffee in our favourite coffee haunt,  before easing into some shopping in preparation for our evening meal. Then it’s home for a casual lunch.

In time my mind turns to the preparation of our dinner tonight. Vicki and I will make it a team effort. I prepare the ingredients for making ‘koftas’ before placing them in the fridge until needed.  I have made kofta’s previously. They’re a middle eastern delight I initially discovered courtesy of Yotam Ottolenghi’s fantastic book, ‘Jerusalem.’

 Mixing the various ingredients in a large bowl by hand is a sensory experience. The squishing of the minced meat, spices, pepper, parsley, roasted pine nuts, pomegranate molasses and onion into a large ball has a therapeutic effect. I slowly fashion the mixture into separate torpedo like fingers shapes, each about 8 centimetres long. Each kofta is given an extra squeeze to ensure they are a tightly formed. I need them to keep their shape, particularly during the cooking phase.  It’s a bit like playing with play-dough or plasticine from my childhood. I am willingly engaged in this task, no doubt about that.  I arrange the flavour laden shapes on a plate, cover them with plastic wrap and consign them to the fridge. The flavours will have time to slowly permeate and mingle. The dish will be slowed cooked with potatoes and tomatoes and served with a green salad. -A perfect evening meal for a slow Saturday.
I spend the rest of the afternoon catching up with my notebook. Slowly, and deliberately…



  1. Sounds Divine Alan,
    And they look very familiar. I"m sure I've had some in Israel. Tuvia's son loves to cook. That' cookbook is now in sample form on my iPad. Enjoy your Saturday evening with you partner,
    We are just kicking this Saturday off...

  2. Your writing is beautiful. The description of the rain and the start of your morning is mesmerizing--it took me right into the heart of your story. Lovely. Just lovely.


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