Slice of Life Story Challenge March 19 - Swapping the Doona

This morning we changed the ‘doona’ on our bed. The thing that apparently distinguishes a doona from a duvee, a quilt, an eider down and other such bed coverings is that a doona has a removable, washable cover. The origin of the word doona is Swedish and came into use in the 1960’s as part of an advertising campaign instigated by Ikea in Australia. 

However, that’s incidental information. What I really wanted to share with my audience, was the process that takes place in our house in relation to the changing of the doona.

Doonas in our house are changed according to a theory loosely related to that which exists in Goldilocks. You see we have three doonas of different weights which are pressed into service according to the prevailing weather conditions. As seasonal changes begin to impact the likelihood of a doona changeover correspondingly increases.  The doona currently on our bed is, according to my dear wife, ‘Not quite right.’ It is summer weight and we must now change it to a slightly heavier doona to reflect the conditions that may occur in the coming days and weeks.

Let me say, I slept perfectly comfortably last night, but as we replaced sheets and pillowslip covers, I was asked to reach up into the wardrobe shelves and retrieve the middle weight doona, so it could be also changed over. Vicki had conducted due diligence on our upcoming weather and had reached the conclusion that our current 'light' doona no longer met expectations.

The process of making the bed often takes some considerable time in our house. Vicki is quite particular regarding the smoothness of sheets and the tucking process. Many times over the years, I have heard the words, ‘Do I need to come around to your side and check?’ I am seen as a bed making subversive. A rebel when it comes to creating hospital corners. I just want to get it done. I lack any sense of excitement when it comes to bed making processes. 

Changing the doona adds considerable time to the task and I struggle to smile. The doona cover must be lifted over the doona in such a way that the cover and its bulky contents are evenly spread within the cover. It's a challenge that requires much concentration. Getting this part wrong may result in a lumpy, dumpy doona and more lost time. Fortunately, it all works out the first time and the bed making is negotiated without lumps. 

The final act of this ritual sees the pillows and cushions repositioned on the bed. Cushions, -now that's a enduring mystery for most males. I might leave it there for now...


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