Slice of Life Story Challenge March 9 -A Day Not Fit For Revolution

Australia is one of the few modern democracies not forged in the fires of revolution. Its nationhood was achieved as the result of somewhat protracted debate. -Spirited, yet pragmatic debate, that found its origins in the 1880’s. Voices grew, the vision was shared and agreement was sought. Eventually on January 1, 1901 the separate colonies collectively became the states of the Commonwealth of Australia. The origins of our nationhood, engender a source of pride…
I doubt that there could ever be a revolution in our nation because when Australians get hot under the collar, they don’t storm the barricades,- oh no. When we Aussies get hot and bothered, we tend to storm the beach!

Yes, we gather up our beach gear and hit the waves. Towels, hats, sunscreen, a pair of sunnies, swimming gear, umbrella, bucket and spade, a ball, flippers and goggles, surfboards, skimmer boards –check! Cool drinks, fruit, maybe something to read (book, magazine, newspaper) beach chairs –check! An army needs to be well equipped, even when storming the beach.

On this Saturday, we targeted the beach. Such an easy target. The weather dictated that the beach was a great place to spend a portion of our day. The sun was shining. The air was clear. The temperature had reached 30 degrees (Celsius) by midday. We live within walking distance of the beach. The jigsaw was complete.
Further motivation was provided by the presence of two energetic grandchildren who smile at the mere suggestion of the word, beach. A day at the beach embodies quality family time. It also provides cheap entertainment. -A ball to throw, -a skimmer board to try out moves across the shallow depths of the sandbar. – sandcastles to build, and an ample supply of food and drinks to keep energy levels high. Let’s face it, children at the beach rival seagulls for insatiable appetites.

Bright umbrellas dot the beach with spectacular colour. Family groups gather close to the shoreline and small children squeal with delight as they frolic in the shallows. Further out young boys throw a ball and dive spectacularly to pull miracle catches. Seagulls sit patiently in groups on the sand in the hope of discarded morsels of food.  A scrawny necked gannet dips and dives along the shoreline in search of the abundant fry that frequent the warmer shallows. A lone Pacific Gull takes off from the beach and quickly distances itself high above the commotion around the line of the bay.

The sun dazzles and light glistens across the surface of the water. This is surely a bonus. -A summer- like day in autumn. A breeze blows soothingly off the water, blunting the power of the sun. This protracted hot spell has its benefits. The sight of all this water washes away the stress of the working week.

As the tide goes out,sandbars emerge in the latter afternoon. These tiny islands in the bay attract beach goers of all ages, who seek out the dry in a wet world. We play beach cricket on the hard, wet sand the tide has provided.

Late in the day, we reluctantly pack up our little patch of sand, and return home. We enjoy an easy dinner tonight –fish and chips in the park. To be able to sit and watch the sunset from the headland at Linley Point overlooking the bay provides glorious bookend to the day. -And yes, another day without the slightest hint of revolution.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful slice from the other side of the world where the weather is a bit different! Here, in the northeast USA, winter's fury has unleashed its great wrath; thus, images of warm sun kissed beaches are appreciated!

  2. Thank you for taking me away on your mini-vacation. I feel so relaxed. Looking at your pictures is in sharp contrast to the foot of snow we got yesterday. Yesterday I felt like having a revolution, but your pictures remind me to be patient. Good things come in time.

  3. Thank you - I too feel like I've just had a bit of vacation. Who wouldn't want to live there? Paradise! I loved the relaxed rhythm of the whole day. Our family is bundling up right now to go play in the snow here in Colorado. There is a foot on the ground and its still coming down fast and thick!

  4. I am headed to Australia at the end of the month, and I haven't had a chance to get excited yet, but this post has hit the spot! CAN NOT WAIT to see those sunsets and sit on those beaches! I am not a huge revolution fan. I grew up with a simple life, and often miss it. I love the way you embrace a slow, family day.

  5. I can't decide if I like the colorful beach houses or the beautiful sunset best. But most of all I like your descriptive and thoughtful words - as always.

  6. Who could talk of revolution with views such as this. Your text a perfect complement to the visuals. I am not a beach lover, but you may have changed my mind with this post. That sunset is INCREDIBLE!

  7. So much to love in this post about the beach. A summer like day in autumn is always a blessing. I like the descriptions of the birds. And this line is my favorite: "The sight of all this water washes away the stress of the working week." Your sharing of these beautiful scenes lightened my day of grading. Thank you!

  8. We in Canada didn't gain its nationhood via revolution either, mainly because we were too cold to mount one. :) Vivid writing, as always!

  9. Interesting Alan. I didn't know that about Australia. I love your beach photos.


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