Slice Of Life Story Challenge March 27 -Ruby Jean And Road Trip Reality

Ruby Jean & Road Trip Realities

Our road trip became reality yesterday, and after a long day of driving- more than 600 kms we arrive at Tathra. Tathra is a small coastal town nestled on the southern Sapphire coast of New South Wales. Surrounded by National Parks, it displays a mostly unspoilt charm. It is suitably quiet and has been spared the glitz and tackiness that frequently accompanies commercialised development.

However our dream of spending three days in a retro vintage caravan named 'Ruby Jean'  disappears like a puff of smoke when the beds turn out fine for my elfin wife, but impossible for me. It is a Goldilocks  moment  no doubt. Way too short. Way too narrow.

After much manoeuvring I manage to squeeze into the lower bunk but find myself unable to move in any direction. It would prove a good fit for a small child, but impossible for a fully grown man. I am lying there like a cadaver and Vicki is working hard to restrain a laugh. 'This isn't going to work.' she admits. I can but agree. It would prove easier to squeeze a whale into a sardine can.

Extricating myself proves just as difficult. I am forced to pretzel my body into unnatural shapes to get out. Not unlike limbo dancing, minus the music and any semblance of fun. I could not imagine three nights in this tiny bed. It's goodbye Ruby Jean. The retro experience is thus, short lived.

Vicki speaks to the management of the holiday park and this time we are allotted  accommodation in a Surf Villa. Much more spacious, really close to the beach and more than double the cost. Who cares? Not me. I've now got room to swing a cat should the thought overtake me.

We walk down a short track to the beach. The sound of the surf and the unmistakable smell of the sea greet us. The beach curves in an arc in both directions. A wide expanse of fine golden sand and an uncluttered beach soothes our tired eyes. Beach time begins now...


  1. Too funny!! I can just image you stuck in that bed! I agree and up grade at any cost is a good deal.

    P.S. I couldn't get your link to work on the Two Writing teachers call to post today. I just googled your blog to get here. Not sure why it isn't working. - Thought you might like to know.

  2. Glad this provided a laugh. It all came good in the end and we are now enjoying our travel experience. Thanks also for alerting me to the linking issue Joanne. Much appreciated.


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