Slice Of Life Story Challenge March 20 -Moon Memories and Moments

Moon Moments

The moon has been a recurring theme in my writing. As a boy I pondered much thought regarding its magnificence. 

I would lie in my bed staring up and out the window, imagining I could see a face on that distant orb. It remained a mystery. 

In time, I witnessed Neil Armstrong's first tentative steps upon the moon's surface while viewing a somewhat grainy black and white television set during my very first year of teaching.

I have stood under its full beaming reflection in the middle of Australia's heartland and marveled at the light it provided in that vast open space. 

I recall my father crooning the words, 'Blue moon, I saw you standing alone...' The moon even features in the title of my latest book of poetry. The moon has a recurring presence in many phases of my life. My moon memories are many.

These days, part of my nightly routine is to take, Boo,the Wonder Dog out for her end of evening snuffle and pee. She waddles down the driveway head bowed, while I follow, intent on a little stargazing under the milky way. The air is cool and fresh and the street is stripped of noise at this hour. 

Boo likes to take her own sweet time doing what needs to be done, and I continue to gaze skyward. She scampers inside to her bed, while I saunter back beneath the moonlight.

So, it is hardly surprising that I would come to write a poem about the moon. When we have recurring ideas or thoughts, sooner or later, we feel an urge to capture those thoughts in writing. 

These words emerged in my notebook. I share them here with you dear reader.

The Moon And Me

The moon seems bright
In the sky tonight.
It glows like a child's smile.
I witnessed its great majesty close to midnight
when I took my dog out for her end of evening snuffle and wander.

In all honesty,
I should have lingered longer.
-And paid the moon its due attention.

But for me and the moon,
It is an enduring relationship of fleeting admiration.

It’s always been like that
for the moon and me.


  1. I never feel that I pay the moon the attention that it deserves...your lovely poem is a reminder to do so.

    1. The moon does have special appeal Tara. Good luck with your observances.

  2. I've loved the moon through my life, too, and did a lot of moon journaling with my students, a fond memory of nighttime lessons. I love that you wrote it "glows like a child's smile", a new idea. Walking with your dog sounds like a restful time, especially when the moon is bright. Thanks, Alan.

    1. I'm glad we share the moon Linda. Moon journaliing, I like that term.


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