Slice of Life Story Challenge March 13- Live and Loud In The Botanical Gardens

Live and Loud in The Botanical Gardens

We drove to the city of Melbourne yesterday to attend a concert in the Botanical Gardens featuring some big name artists from Australia’s music industry –Claire Bowditch, James Reyne and the group Icehouse. We live an hour down the coast from the city so we decided to enjoy some city time and stay overnight.

I can’t remember the last time Vicki and I attended a concert like this, particularly an outdoor concert. Our hotel was situated in the heart of the city, so we decided to catch a tram to the gardens, a short three minutes ride. It’s also been quite some time since my last tram ride. It was fun to venture back into territory to which we had former connections. It is also good to be shaken out of your weekend routine occasionally. -To re-imagine possibilities.

A mild autumn evening and a cloudy sky that took pity on all assembled under it meant the night was a success both musically and weather wise. 

Of course, the great thing about music is its ability to unify people. The power of a shared experience is a wonder to behold.  A somewhat mixed aged audience sang and danced and clapped their way through so many familiar songs. Lyrics memory reignited and memories relived, evoked nostalgia. It hang heavily in the night air like a welcome fragrance.

It is often amazing to witness the array of talent before you in such situations. Musicians who can expertly handle the demands of multiple instruments. A Saxophonist who moved seamlessly to keyboards and back. Guitarists who switched to keyboards and solo vocals. Vocalists who played oboe as well as guitar. I marvelled at Icehouse founder, Ivor Davies, singer and composer, who after forty years continues to perform with high levels of energy and virtuoso performance. The same for James Reyne who first came to prominence on the Australian music scene in the 1980’s. I was wowed by the purity of Claire Bowditch’s voice as well as her eclectic music styles. There was so much for a music tragic to appreciate. 

A great night of entertainment with a group of seasoned artists who continue to display verve and energy. At night’s end the huge audience shuffled into the late evening satiated. I suspect that even the fruit bats that frequent the gardens enjoyed the night too. 

I’m so glad we had this opportunity, this experience. ‘Let’s do this again, soon’ said Vicki as we wandered back to the tram stop.

Here’s a sample taste of our evening…

Man of Colours, Icehouse in a recent live performance:

Listen to the rich purity of Claire Bowditch’s voice:

James Reyne, Motors Too Fast, Live in Melbourne:

Our view of the stage as we waited for the entertainment to begin


  1. What a great date in a beautify location.

    1. It was indeed a beautiful experience in all respects Heidi.

  2. It sounds as if you had a wonderful night. I am a fan of botanical garden concerts (e.g., Caramoor in NY and Wolf Trap in VA), but I haven't been to one in nearly nine years!

  3. We did have a wonderful night Stacey. I highly recommend you reconnect with a concert in the gardens. Vividly recall attending concerts in Central Park during my time in NYC. Wonderful experiences.

  4. What a lovely night! I love "It hang heavily in the night air like a welcome fragrance." Reminds me of some music events from my college days.

    1. It was indeed quite memorable. We intend to revisit this feeling again quite soon if possible.


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