Slice of Life Story Challenge March 10 -Where Do You Write?

Where Do You Write?

Talking to teachers today, the subject turned to writing beyond the classroom. I urged them to encourage students to write beyond those four walls. -Write around the school. Write at home. Encourage them to consider their notebooks as travelling companions and write in wild unfamiliar spaces. Challenge the notion that writing is something we just do at school.

Some writers need a special place to write. They can only write in that space, that particular location.

Some writers need absolute quiet while embrace noise.  
I am lucky. I have many special places to write. I can plonk myself down and pretty much write anywhere I find myself. The beach, the park, the airport, or leaning against a tree are places I have found myself at one with words. Vicki, my wife frequently leaves me to write in cafes while she continues to shop. 

As long as I have my notebook (which almost always is within arm’s reach) and a trusty pen (Uniball Black Impact Gel ) I am set to go. I do not need to compose at a dedicated altar of creativity, surrounded by totems. Mind you as I sit here in my study, an air of sanctuary pervades it.  This space does display ample evidence of artefacts, but it is not my sole creative space.

This week alone I have written in cafes and schools as well as my more familiar study.

 I once read that Thomas Wolfe wrote standing up in his kitchen. Wolf, a rather tall man chose to write on the top of his refrigerator apparently. It seems the wrong place to write is a place in which you don’t feel comfortable.

 When a writer feels comfortable the words are more likely to flow. Let’s face it, if you really want to write, you will find a space that suits you.  


  1. I enjoy when you share your writerly life, your habits and thinking, your choices and inspirations. I don't have a desk to write at. The comfort I understand therefore a living room sofa is a spot where I most often write.

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks Terje. Each of us has a writing space we more frequently access. Places where our writing more easily flows

  3. "It seems the wrong place to write is a place in which you don't feel comfortable." So true! I think I can write just about anywhere, too. But I do like quiet. And thanks for sharing the tools you use. I love my bullet journal and a rolling ball pen with an extra fine point.

    1. Ah Rose, you too have shared your writing preferences. Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

  4. After reading your post, I realized that where I write depends on what I'm writing and I think that this has evolved over time. Thank you for encouraging me to think about this:)

    1. You are most welcome. As writers it is important we share our preferences and processes.


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