Slice Of Life Story Challenge March 15 -The Weather Is What We Make Of It

 Take The Weather With You

I am aware of snow storms and blizzards presently threatening parts of the US.  I recall from my time living and working in New York, how profound and disruptive such weather events can be. I was once ushered out of a school in the middle of a lesson while working in a school in Westchester County, the Principal fearing if I didn’t leave at once, the approaching snow storm might strand me there and prevent my return to New York. I readily bowed to superior knowledge and scarpered immediately to the nearest train station via a hastily arranged taxi. This action proved prophetic.

 The storm swept through about two hours hour later blanketing the region with significant levels of snow. Must admit in my six years living in New York the novelty of snow never wore off. I loved the way it muffled the noise of the city covering everything in a pure white shroud. Ugliness was transformed and surfaces softened. Coming from a place where snow in winter is a rarity, this was visual magic…

As I recall this memory, I am sitting in faraway Melbourne, Australia, and my home city is currently experiencing the driest and warmest start to autumn in more than a decade. Warmer than average evening temperatures and 30 plus degree days. Our summer was pleasant but not as hot as usual. Autumn is bringing beach days and peerless blue skies. 

The usual crispness of autumn mornings is missing at present. Perceptions are being challenged. Today I walked through the Main Street Wednesday produce market complete with hat and sunglasses under a 33 degree Celsius sun (91 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s mid March for goodness sake!

So, I will take advantage of this unseasonal warmth and walk down to the beach on this hot and somewhat humid afternoon and partake of an autumnal dip in the ocean.

My Dad used to say, ‘We devote so much time to discussing and pondering the weather and yet we have absolutely no power to change it.’ He was right. 

The beach scene,  March 15  Fisherman's Beach, Mornington, Victoria, Australia

Seagulls and the larger Pacific Gulls scan the seafront.

The view from under the umbrella

Beach sheds further along the beach


  1. We can only prepare ourselves for the possible weather predicted. How often dire warnings are given and nothing happens. Which is just fine by me. How can anyone say global warming is not real, just look at what's happening to our seasons. Your dad was right (or should I say Wright?) :-)

    1. Preparation is the key no doubt in all things Elsie. Even if it doesn't eventuate. It's best to be ready. Agree with you wholeheartedly regarding climate change. I read this morning about the devastating bleaching occurring on the Great Barrier Reef. Love your last sentence.

  2. Your pictures are a nice break from snowy pictures. I, too, love how a good snow blankets the streets and muffles the sounds!

    1. It's often good to be reminded of the prospect of warmer days when immersed in winter days Lisa.


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