Slice of Life Story Challenge March 8 - Most Important Thoughts

Yesterday I wrote about our record breaking Autumn weather and how we are enduring an unprecedented number of days where the temperature above 30 degrees (Celsius) If it continues until next Wednesday as forecast, it will represent the most days consecutively above the 30 degree mark. Well, today I have been thinking about that word ‘most. ‘ I began posing questions to myself. Questions involving ‘mosts.’ From there, a series of personal mosts began to form in my mind.

I do this sort of thing quite frequently I must admit…

The most number of people I have seen gathered in one place…
Well, that was in New York City when I proudly took part in a peace march against the Iraq War. Almost 200,000 people participated  that day (in 2003 ) in what was a large scale peaceful statement about our collective concern regarding the invasion of Iraq.

 The most daring thing I’ve done so far
White water rafting on the Barron River in Cairns, Queensland. Closely followed by jumping into a swimming pool in the depths of winter in my younger days just to win a bet.

 The most stars I ever seen…
Camped in the desert south of Alice Springs when I was eighteen I saw the night sky in all its sparkling intensity. -A starry, starry night indeed. The sheer distance from city life and the quiet of the desert night heightened the true magnificence of those genuine super stars.

 The most rain I ever saw…
Innisfail, Queensland 1989. I was holidaying there and it rained for 14 out of 16 days I was there. Wet, wet, wet.

The most trouble I ever got into as a child…
That was surely the time my Dad noticed my singed eyebrows and smelt the smoke on my clothes before asking me directly if I had been smoking. Without hesitating, I told him, ‘No, I was only lighting them for the other kids.’ My father was more disappointed in the fact that I had so blatantly lied, than the fact that I had experimented with the dreaded scourge of cigarettes. Ironically, my father smoked for almost thirty years, while I never wanted to take it up. Maybe that humiliating experience aged 9 was enough to put me off for life.

We all have our personal ‘mosts.’ It’s a close relative of ‘firsts.’  Once you tap into the idea, it can reveal a rich vein of potential ideas. I’ll stop there for now. My other life calls me away.


  1. What an amazing list and what a wonderful way to share a slice of yourself. I like the idea of encouraging slicers to do some "personal" shares - like this or like the "all about me" poems some are writing this week. I'm not sure how I would answer MOST of your MOSTS, however, I will likely be thinking of this as I drive my slow snowy drive to work after saving the world in the next few minutes!

  2. I love the glimpse into your world of "mosts." Makes me ponder my own (but of course that was your intention). Your most trouble you got into as a child had me laughing. So glad you never saw it fit to take up the habit.

  3. Your slice helped me to learn something new about you and about writing. I have seen many of "the first time" writings. I like your idea of "the most."

  4. Great list of mosts - I especially liked the "most stars". I love finding a nice dark sky to see the stars better.

  5. Great slice. I am also thinking about my mosts. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Rafting would probably make my list for the most unexpected fun. I was so afraid and yet it was a wonderful thrill.

  6. This is a writing prompt I will share with students. Your list is eclectic and fun to read. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. What a clever idea! Not only does this make a perfect slice, but I have a feeling you have several topics here that may be seeds for later writing. I enjoyed your mosts. You, of course, have me wondering what my list of mosts might be. Another great mentor text, Alan.


  8. A great idea . . . there are so many other possible "mosts" too! Thanks for sharing!


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