Slice of Life Story Challenge March 5 - Housing Your Memories

It has taken me some time to connect with our new house. We moved in at the beginning of December after moving from our house of some 16 years. Our relationship is a work in progress. I am keen to unravel its secret. Initially when you walk around inside a new space; a new home you are keen to feel a sense of connection –you seek it out. This time it wasn’t immediate. It wasn’t strong. Give it time I told myself. It will happen. Don’t force it. Relax…

Initially, I missed my old patterns of movement. I moved about in that space quite unconsciously. I missed the familiarity of layout. I missed the routines that house inspired. I knew where to sit, where to stand, where to ponder and where to seek out solitude if I needed time to think. I knew where I liked to go with a cup of tea and a book. The old house had its own peculiar sounds –whispers and moans. We were comfortable with each other, that house and I. No longer do I hear the birds walking on the roof in the early hours of the morning. – I don’t miss that. I just note its absence. The whispering of the trees is less noticeable at our new location. The trees here are generally less developed. They need time to wrap themselves around us and soften the sky.

When we moved, I found myself wandering into rooms in the manner of an old dog and having to stop and think –why am I here? It was an adjustment. The old house was two story. This house is single story, slightly larger and the rooms are quite differently configured, so it was understandable to feel a little disoriented, I told myself.

Our new house provides great light. Its open design invites the outside in. The difference is significant. We continue to shape the outside areas to suit our needs. Gardens and contemplation areas are slowly emerging. And just today Vicki found aquiet, shaded area near the back of the house where we pulled up a couple of chairs and shared an afternoon cup of tea and a conversation. An added bonus is that ourback gate provides easy access to nearby Fisherman’s Beach along a green belt pathway that winds gently beach-ward.
As I walk around our new neighbourhood, pathways and patterns are emerging.
Already I sense that this house is quiet by nature. It doesn’t creak and moan.  Tucked away from view, a hidden gem perhaps?

Don’t get me wrong, it was time to move and I embrace that fact. That old house had amassed great memories, but equally, great challenges…

Memories and moments need the essential ingredient of time for the bond to strengthen. This is the essential glue of building a connection. I am learning to listen to this house. Adjust to its peculiarities and appreciate its giftsHello house…


  1. We will be moving to a home we are restoring/renovating. It will be much different from where we live now. We've lived here 12 years, but have owned a number of houses in our 40 years together. Each time, we had to undergo those warming up/getting to know each other periods. After all, you are meshing your being with this new unknown personality of a house - much like a marriage!

  2. My husband and I are renovating my dad's house and will be moving their soon so I connected quite easily, but I loved your piece! "Memories and moments need the essential ingredient of time" really struck a chord.

  3. I can't imagine moving from my apartment but that could happen when the romance with the Hudson River in winter wears thin. I can understand your push and pull. Enjoy getting comfortable.

  4. You will unravel the secrets of this new house. I love the way you are feeling your way through this transition, slowly and observing the strengths of this new place.

  5. I moved almost 10 times in my 23 years of life. I know what it feels like to adjust to a new place. It doesn't always smell like home, even driving to the new home just feels so unfamiliar. It takes some time, but eventually it will be "home". Good luck in your new place.

  6. Alan,
    I'm currently living in the house I grew up in so many years ago. My parents built the house when I was young. My husband and I bought it from them when they moved. I've lived here so long now I cannot quite imagine leaving it. I've grown accustomed to everything about it. Sometimes I think a change would be nice, but then I remember I have everything I need right here.

    I suppose having a house I have been in so long helped me to connect to your piece, but it was really more than that. Your piece is so well written. Perhaps it is the way you talk about the house; as if it is someone you might one day grow to enjoy. Perhaps it is the way you share the things you miss (or remember) about the old house: the "familiarity of layout," the "whispers and moans" of it, or the birds walking on the roof. As a reader I feel you sadness for the loss of the old house, as well as your hope for the new one.

    "Memories and moments need the essential ingredient of time for the bond to strengthen." I hope you will soon find that connection.

    Thanks for this wonderful piece. Perhaps this piece has inspired my own piece about my house. Hmmm.



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