Slice of Life Story Challenge March 28 -In Pursuit of Peas

Out of necessity I journeyed into the supermarket today.  A single item was required. -A single item central to a recipe I had identified for our evening meal. If I could have avoided going in, I would have danced with delight. But alas, I was forced to accept the painful reality that spending time wandering the aisles was unavoidable. And so I blundered in…

The sight that greeted me was dispiriting. People in profusion. Checkout lines disappearing down the aisles. -Shopping baskets and trolleys absorbing space. An oncoming wave wandering shoppers of epic proportions began to swirl around me.

I dived in. Ducking and waving between shuffling shoppers I plunged deeper into this consumer hellhole. The frozen food section at the very rear of the supermarket was my target. I found the object of my desire, - a single packet of frozen peas and immediately began the return journey. Checkout bound, with quarry in hand, I felt as if I was part of a horror movie where everyone and everything around me was moving in ultra slow motion.  Every where I turned I was confronted by trolley blockades, indecisive confused consumers and shelf stacking staff.  So many dead ends, so much rerouting required.  I found myself fighting hard to suppress a growing sense of aisle anger. The checkout seemed a shore too far.  Finally, I spot the finish line. However, the queue to the self checkout stretches further than an elastic snake.

My heart sinks yet again. I’m fifteenth in line. I’m stranded. -And I’m holding a bag of frozen peas. What have I done to deserve this?  Well, I don’t know actually. But, I do know why I have a strong aversion to supermarkets.

I eventually emerge with my pack of peas and I look back at the mayhem. Why do people panic buy before holidays? Why do they feel the need to stock up with trolley loads of consumerables?  Is it because the supermarkets will be closed tomorrow, Good Friday?

With peas in hand, I walk away and I don’t look back.


  1. It's like stores before storms....we need to be prepared for what lies ahead!

  2. When you make shopping an adventure, as you do, it reminds me of how we can view the world through storytelling, no matter how normal the task might be. This year, during Slice of Life, I kept with six word stories, and lost some of that narrative view that I did in the past. I miss it.

  3. Who knew a bag of peas could provide such a meaningful moment and a great small story. I actually find peas confusing since there are so many different types--wasn't thinking about the crowds.

  4. My husband would be right there with you thinking hellhole in a grocery store. You cracked me up with your descriptive and alliterative writing. I hope dinner was great.

  5. "If I could have avoided going in, I would have danced with delight." set the stage for drama. Seen through your eyes this pursuit of peas was full of danger and intrigue. Your story was full of adventure. I may never view a trip to the supermarket in the same way. Your story, Alan made me dance with delight. So glad you escaped and will live to write some more!


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