Slice of Life Story Day 29 Going Round The Bend Over Bananas!

Today I’m going bananas! Well, not literally, but bananas have been on my mind. You see, the cost bananas has skyrocketed here in Australian since Cyclone Yasi struck the state of Queensland’s northern regions and decimated up to 80% of the nation’s banana harvest.

The cost of bananas has rapidly reached $14 per kg in some places, or $4 each. As a consequence, many fruit lovers are holding off buying this perennially popular fruit. Who can blamed them? I have always loved bananas. You could say I have a bent for them, but that would be too obvious. Yet, in recent weeks as the price has steadily risen, I have had to be strong and walk past them in shops and supermarkets. I heard someone recently refer to bananas as God’s chocolate. Well, even with that noble label, I still can’t justify the purchase.
So bananas are off the menu for the foreseeable future, which is sad. I know how good bananas are for my health. Bananas have a curious way of capturing everyone’s imagination.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
I am fully aware that bananas provide a sustained and substantial boost of energy - that’s why they remain a favourite of athletes looking for a quick source of carbohydrate. Until recently, I have been in the habit of reaching for a banana when I return from a walk or when I come home from work. Not anymore.  Another member of the fruit family is going to have to step up and present very soon. No more picking up a banana, putting it to my ear and taking a pretend phone call from someone (works a treat with grandchildren). Banana humour is over for now. The cost is not something to laugh about.

I recall my Dad telling me when I was a small boy that he actually knew the man who had the job of putting the bends in the bananas. The gullible lad that I was just said, ‘Oh really?’  ‘Yes,’ replied my Dad, ‘It certainly keeps him busy.’

 And finally, I leave you, dear reader with this point to ponder,   -Is it right to refer to two banana peels as a pair of slippers? Maybe I am going bananas?


  1. Glad you still have humor about bananas as their cost is nothing to laugh about. Hope it all changes soon so you can maintain that healthy lifestyle and energy boost you are used to!

  2. I love bananas, so I don't know what I would do if there were a shortage of bananas. That's funny that people would refer to bananas as God's chocolate.

  3. Oh my, that is an insane price to pay. Of course I'm sure this makes you crave them even more. I hope another fruit steps up to the plate soon.

  4. Ha! you gave me a good laugh, although I do feel your pain over the price. I saw a lecture once about the market being kept safe by the bananas offered that we are used to, but there are many types available that are just as good for you. Do you have access to them? I like the story about your dad's joke, & the "slippers". Bananas are a favorite at my house, too, but I also have an apple a day-just like the doctor ordered! Try it!

  5. I never heard the one about the guy putting the bend in the bananas! I think I'll use that next time I see my grandchildren. Slippers?--it's okay if you can't eat your bananas. Now you have everyone thinking about you when they eat a banana. Ours is now $.59 a pound--sorry. Can you order over the internet? As usual, excellent post.

  6. I see I have taken bananas for granted. Hope the price comes down soon for you!

  7. Ditto Tam--great story. I sometimes tease my husband and call him my favorite primate because bananas are his favorite snack. He can eat two, and on the weekends, three a day. He just came upstairs and I showed him your post and he said "I wouldn't be eating too many at that price." I hope your country soon recovers from all the natural tragedies. . . and that your banana prices come back down so you can snack on them too.

    Thanks for your comments on my posts--been fun slicing with you!

    Elizabeth E.


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