Slice of Life Story -The Special Qualities of Summer Mornings

It is the first day of autumn in Australia. Summer has gone. It fizzled rather than sizzled this year. But I find myself reflecting on those special mornings of the summer now completed.

 Summer mornings possess a special quality. In that brief cooler part of the day before the sun climbs to it full height and intensity, the vapours of the earth slowly rise and mingle with the assorted scents of the garden. Plants glisten with dewy deposits; the day is at its peak of freshness. A constant chorus of birdsong celebrates the wonder of the new day. Bees and other small creatures begin their daily routines. I stand there, as the life of the garden stirs into action. It is such an easy pleasure to celebrate a summer morning. It has been an unusually wet summer. Record rainfall and humidity have been features of the season. I stand on the deck with a cup of tea and survey the scene of our small garden. The garden has a dankness -dewy and drippy. The aromas mingle. The rays of the morning sun sneak through creating a soft dappled light.  Ah the serenity…


  1. Alan --
    Reading your slice is like sitting down with a friend I've not seen for awhile. I'm planning to slice about beginnings -- heading out of winter and into spring. It strikes me (in a fuzzy way) how the weather speaks to me right now and if I were on the other side of the world (near you) I wonder if my heart would be feeling differently. Does that make any sense at all?
    Glad to be slicing with you,

  2. Your descriptions blow me away. Time stops and I am standing there watching the garden come to life with you. Wow!

  3. Your slice took me right into a glorious summer morning - so good to read your slices again!

  4. Alan, Oh how your words have me longing for warmer days. Your garden looks and sounds like a perfect place for morning tea or coffee. Your words painted a lovely picture. ~ Theresa


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