Slice of Life Story Day 9 A Trio of Wandering Trolleys

There was a time when one found misplaced shopping trolleys, particularly those with wobbly wheels, abandoned in splendid isolation far from the supermarket of origin. They showed up on street corners, in residential gardens, in laneways, hanging in trees or worse still, up-ended in the nearby creek! They were often  sighted quite some distance from their natural environment.  But times have changed...

With the advent of coin release systems for trolleys, they seem to be making fewer breakaways. There is greater accountability for their whereabouts.  However, when they dash for freedom you now tend to find them in clusters –still some distance from home, but no longer alone. These wandering produce conveyances have adapted it seems. 

 Today on a street corner a short distance from the nearest supermarket I espied three pathetic trolleys trying to look inconspicuous. Little did they realize how much more visible they are now that they hang out in groups. They can run, but they can't hide. It's difficult to escape when you're lashed together with metal chains. It reminds me of three legged races we had as kids.  Such is the folly of the trolley!


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