Slice of Life Story Day 28 Today I Have A Sneaking Feeling

A small six year old boy came to visit with us on the weekend and during his time in our care, he is taken shopping. He returns beaming because he has a brand new pair of shoes. He also has a pair of rainbow coloured laces. The kind that announce themselves with colourful intent. He asks if the everyday laces that came with the new shoes can be removed and replaced with the dazzling rainbow laces. This wish is achievable.  The new cool shoes are now really cool shoes in the eyes of the wee one. He parades back and forth looking continually at his feet as he steps out like a fahsionista.  I tell him he is now a confirmed fashion icon. He smiles that slightly uncertain smile that kids do when an adult says something slightly beyond their world of awareness. He changes the focus.
‘My feet have grown Papa,’ he informs me, ‘And my old sneakers are too worn out for winter.’
‘Well, these new ones look great.’ I add assuredly.

New shoes always lift the spirits. New shoes at any age are a source of inner joy. Comfort and style linking  to create the perfect combination. Sometimes it is a short quest and happens quickly. Sometimes you do a lot of sole searching before you find shoe heaven.

 He tells me that his new all black shoes will be great in the winter as they won’t show the mud. He is shoe proud. I like the thinking. Throughout the day he cleans away the slightest speck from the surface of the sneakers. This is an impressive start. It won’t last. He is after-all a small boy and as a small boy he will have other priorities to attend to in the days and weeks ahead. Priorities that will relegate cleaning and preening to the end of the adventure queue.

This buying of new shoes had me thinking –poetry! I can’t believe I have got this far into this year’s writing challenge without sailing off in the direction of my favourite genre. Today, my oxygen comes directly from the changing of the sneakers…

Sneaker Look

Discarded sneakers
Scuffed and mangled
Laces frayed
Both lay rejected by the door
They‘ll not see action any more
No more housing smelly socks
Scrambling rocks
The sole is smooth
Colour faded
Worn out torn out
And worst of all
On each sad shoe
Is a giant hole
Where a toe pokes through
Their value has at last diminished
Sad to say
-Their sneaking’s finished

Alan j Wright


  1. As a dad of three growing boys, I know all about sneakers. Love the poem.

  2. Alan, this was a fun post to consume. You made me smile. My little boys are all grown now but how I remember those new sneakers. You captured it just the way I remember it. The poem was dessert.

  3. Your poem, actually, your entire post, made me smile. My boys are teenagers and as far as they are concerned, there is nothing better than a new pair of tennis shoes.

  4. Alan,

    Your post and poem made me smile and brought many images to mind. I loved the play on words "sole".

  5. The rhythm is great, goes along with a little boy skipping & bouncing around in his new sneakers. You gave me a big smile today. Thanks!

  6. I am not a poetry person but I loved the rhythmn of your poem. It ran off my tongue like the sneakers you wrote about. It's amazing what new shoes can do for a child. I've had many children walk through the door eager to shoe off their new shoes. I'm sure the laces were a big hit too.

  7. I love your poem. It is one that everyone can relate to.

  8. Very well done. Loved it! Reminded me of my daughter too, with her new shiny, so clicky, so comfortable she wore them to bed!

  9. Magnificent poem. Different shoes floated through my mind. I love the fact that the young one is cleaning every speck and yes, other priorities will come in. The quick conversation gave the piece an added touch.

  10. loved your poem! The life of a sneaker would be an intersting thing for a student to write about as well. Great idea for a poem! Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :)

  11. I loved every bit of this post. And so did my two sons! Rainbow laces... sole searching - ha! What fun! Thank you.

  12. Alan,
    There is some great language in here, "sole searching," "He is shoe proud." I also appreciated your reference to story kernels as "oxygen." Indeed - life's joys breath life into our reading.
    Thank you for sharing,


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